“The Crane Wife” Flies into Westwood

Mackenzie Farkus, Editor in Chief

On Monday, November 18 at 6 and 7:30 p.m., the Children’s Theatre class is performing The Crane Wife in the cafeteria.

The Crane Wife is a Japanese folktale about a peasant who saves an injured crane only to find a beautiful woman — the crane — hours later at his door.

The Tech Theatre I class has been making costumes and props for the production, including kimonos and samurai swords. Meanwhile, the Children’s Theatre class has been preparing for numerous weeks, and will be giving a performance to elementary school students at the Round Rock Performing Arts Center.

“We’ve got a great cast with a lot of determination, especially with the many time constraints we’ve had,” Mrs. Coats, the director of The Crane Wife, stated.

Admission to the show is free.