Special Olympics Athlete Awarded with Varsity Jacket


Sanika Nayak, World News Editor

Cameras flashed as she smiled ear to ear. The gym rang out with applause from her fellow students. Thursday, Nov. 13 was a proud day for student Brittany Hull. She was awarded a Varsity jacket for her exceptional athleticism and enthusiastic participation in the Special Olympics. Thompson’s happiness was blatantly apparent, her elated demeanor showing as she delightfully accepted the jacket and quickly put it on. Everyone around her was thrilled about her accomplishment.

“I felt like it was a big accomplishment because she worked so hard for it,” Cameron Morales ‘16 said. “She deserves it.”

Her teacher agreed.

“Brittany is an awesome student-full of life and friendly to everyone,” teacher Benjamin Losey said. “I was proud she earned a letterman jacket. It’s great that she gets to walk down the halls showing off something she earned.”

Losey’s ever present smile throughout the ceremony made it evident that he loves his job.

“I think the best part of my job is I get to teach special need students at different schools throughout the district from age three to graduation. It’s really cool to see your students grow up and become adults,” Losey said.

For Brittany, the jacket is not only a symbol of accomplishment, but of acceptance as well.

“It’s great for the student as it validates their hard work and confirms that they belong and are accepted in their high schools,” Losey said. “It is a big moment in the life of students.”