The Pitches are Back

The Pitches are Back

Khira Patel, Heritage Portraits & Ads Editor

Pitch_Perfect_2_posterMany fans eagerly waited for the premiere of the sequel to the hilarious a capella movie Pitch Perfect. Although many were satisfied with the outcome of the film, some claimed Pitch Perfect 2 didn’t fulfill the high standard set by the first movie.

In my opinion, although the first had a more developed and attention grabbing plot, the humor in the second movie proved it a worthy sequel to this series.

Additionally, I found that the soundtrack of the first movie was more impressive than the second. With classic songs such as “Mickey” by Tony Basil and “Bust the Move” by Young MC paired with popular pop songs like “Titanium” by Rihanna, they were more suited to the aesthetic of the movie.

Despite that, Pitch Perfect 2 did have its fair share of memorable songs. “Flashlights” by Jessie J proved to be a highlighted feature that I thought suited the movie well.

Regarding the plotline in this movie, the Barden Bellas reputation was ruined after an embarrassing mishap in a performance for the President’s birthday. Personally, as the basis of the story, this seemed a cheesy way to begin. Instead, if the movie started where it left off, during auditions, the movie may have been more connected and consistent with the first.

However, there were many great ties that brought back entertaining scenes like the “riff-off”. Rebel Wilson had her shining moments as the comedian of the movie with her fearless and bold personality. I felt that she, as an actor, really help to elevate the comedy in this movie.

The introduction of the character, Emily, played by Hailee Steinfeld, proved to be a worthy addition to the movie. It was interesting to see the interactions that a new Bella had with the team.

In conclusion, although there were some faulty aspects, Pitch Perfect 2 was an entertaining and hilarious sequel.