The Soup Peddler Embodies Austin Culture

The Soup Peddler Embodies Austin Culture

Maddi Wilcox, Reporter

logoThe Soup Peddler, located on highway 183 near Main Event, serves fresh, hot, authentic soup, sandwiches and salads as well as a variety of hand blended smoothies and juices. Founded in 2002, the actual soup peddler began the business delivering soup orders to people in South Austin on his bike. Since then the small business has grown into a popular lunch choice for many people.

I found that even though the restaurant was small, it was very inviting with colorful flowers accentuating the exterior. The interior was well lit with lots of natural light and tall ceilings. On the walls hang local art and paintings which are available for purchase. The restaurant design has a very Austin-like feel, the modern style balanced out with many colors. As well as indoor seating, the restaurant also has some tables in the front and a small area in the back where you could sit and enjoy your meal under the shade of the trees and umbrellas.

The staff was also very kind and patient while waiting for my party and I to make our decisions. As far as food goes, everything available is prepared locally with fresh ingredients. Along with the many different flavors of smoothies available, The Soup Peddler also changes up their soup menu frequently and has a new soup of the day every day. Some of their smoothie flavors include: strawberry-banana, banana-peanut butter, and peach-yogurt-honey. The smoothies are the perfect blend of fresh, creamy, natural and not to sugary or bitter, but perfect for when you are craving something sweet. I have tried a total of about five soups including: Tomato Basil, Mulligatawny and Lemon Zucchini and not one of them has disappointed me. And they are all at a reasonable price. I recently had the chicken and barley soup and it was a perfect balance of hot, fresh soup, natural chicken and of course crackers to add a little bit of salt.

Overall, The Soup Peddler has a large, delicious variety of food,  friendly service and a nice environment. I would definitely recommend it as a place to go with your friends or family for a nice lunch that will not disappoint.