Californians See the Light in Supposed Alien Encounter


Jasmine Milliger, Let's Talk About Editor

1076021_1280x720Videos of the astounding white light above San Jose, California on Saturday Nov. 7 caught everyone’s eye.

“It went from gold and small, burning for a few minutes and turned into this blue spot light,” witness Matt McKee said. “Like at an event held at night – not like shooting out at us, but a white bright light,”.

U.S. military officials explained that the light was, in fact, a scheduled, unarmed missile test.

The Pentagon gave a statement saying that, “The tests were part of a scheduled, ongoing system evaluation test,”.

Despite the assurances, it’s pretty obvious what’s really going on. Aliens. And not the green kind either.

Later that night, a woman claimed she saw something fall from the sky, scream, and then land in the garden in her backyard. The picture she took went viral on Facebook. Consequently, Facebook now takes down any post claiming to have seen extraterrestrials.

The media later proved her wrong, saying that the creature is actually an undeveloped deer fetus, but ever since the “missile test”, reports of seeing UFOs and aliens wanting to “phone home” are popping up all over.

Coincidence? I think not.

With theories, pictures of dead fetuses, and claims of seeing aliens fall from the sky swirling the internet, extraterrestrial life seems like a very real explanation for all of this.