Upcoming Event: Austin Marathon

Simone Heim, News Editor

Looking for a local, athletic activity that is fun for the whole family? Look no further than the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, coming to downtown Austin Feb 14.

“Awareness of health among the younger people is important,” Lily Angelle, Admin Assistant of the run, said. “Knowing what it takes to train instills a drive to be healthy.”

Open to all ages with parent permission, any high school student with the proper training can give this 26-mile run a try. If the full 26 miles doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, consider the Half Marathon. This run features fewer hills and is only 13 miles.

“I suggest looking at the course map and noting the elevation changes,” Lily Angelle said. “[Run] hill-repeats or familiarize yourself with elevation changes to prepare.”

So whether you’re in track or running is just your hobby, check out the Austin Marathon and half marathon at their website and make sure to sign up by Jan. 26.