NFHS General Meeting (Elections)

National French Honor Society (NFHS) held a meeting involving an ice cream social and officer elections in Madame Rochard’s classroom. This meeting is the first meeting for the newly inducted members.


“Since it is a honor society, I was really glad to be in NFHS and I heard we get to socialize during the meeting and the first meeting was fun. We did elections so we didn’t just socialize,” Heyji Ro ‘18 said.


During this meeting, the members elected their new officers. All candidates were required to make a speech, even if they were the only candidates for the position. In order to be a candidate, the member must have an average above 90 in French and pass an interview with Madame Rochard.


“I had to be interviewed by Madame Rochard to make sure I’m eligible to become an officer. She asked me what inspired me to run for treasurer and I said I would like to help the club and since money is a big issue, which is why I want to run for treasurer,” Ro said.


New members were also allowed to run as long as they met the requirements.


“I didn’t win, which is fair because I’m a newly inducted member, and I’m not familiar with the club and how it’s run,” Ro said. “Most of the officers who won were officers who have already been part of the club for a year.”


In addition to the elections, the members had the chance to socialize with fellow members while eating ice cream. Points were awarded for the members who signed up to bring supplies for the ice cream social. Points can be earned by participating in various activities that range from bringing supplies to tutoring students.


“Once you get 10 points, you are eligible to graduate from NFHS and when that happens, you get a cord at graduation,” Maitreyi Ramaswamy ‘17 said.


A fellow classmate, Samantha Suter ‘16 is currently battling leukemia. Some of the officers made a card for her and all the members signed it.
“I personally don’t really know her but I do know that she’s a great person, she has a lot of friends here who care about her,” Min Kim ‘17 said. “We just wanted to, as an organization, to reach out and let her know we’re supporting her.”