What to Expect in ‘Rogue One’

What to Expect in Rogue One

Maddi Wilcox, Reporter

Since the last Star Wars movie, titled The Force Awakens, was released,  fans have been eager for another. If you haven’t seen or heard about it already, Lucasfilm has just released first official teaser trailer for Rogue One and left fans with many questions.

Here’s a little breakdown:

At the beginning of the trailer, we are introduced to Jyn Erso, a seemingly defiant character who is said to have been reckless, and living on her own since age fifteen. We see her being marched into a rebel base, most likely not under her own free will, as she appears to have some kind of industrial handcuffs on. Jyn is then taken to rebellion leader, Mon Mothma, where she is given a daring mission: to find and steal the plans for a new deadly weapon: the Death Star. By this point we know that the movie takes place sometime before A New Hope: the first movie in the saga where the rebellion already has the plans for the weapon planet.

After Jyn accepts her mission, we see a number of new faces, though we can only guess who they are (Lucasfilm hasn’t yet released the names of these mysterious characters). From what I can see, it appears that Jyn will join this group of unnamed misfits and the rebel alliance and work together to steal plans for the Death Star. Also… new stormtroopers? During the trailer, we get a glimpse of a few new variations of troopers including a sandy-yellow and jet black. We also see part of a scene with a cloaked figure kneeling down before a mysterious cylinder-shaped machine. If you look towards the back of this room, you can see  the Emperor’s Royal guards, implying, well, the Emperor.

At the end of the trailer, there is a moment where Jyn looks back at the camera wearing what appears to be an imperial pilot uniform. This implies that she most likely has to be in the Death Star, in order to complete her mission.

So there you have it. Another classic heist/take down the Dark side mission we can only expect from such a franchise like Star Wars. Though we still have many questions.

First off, aside from the number of new characters, there is no mention of any of the Skywalker family, which is odd for a Star Wars film; but who knows, there may be a couple of appearances that we don’t know about yet. Also, there is no use or even indication of the Force at all, or Jedis for that matter… could this be the first film where the Force and Jedi are left out?

Seems unlikely, but fans like myself will be eager to find out.

Rogue One, according to StarWars.com, The Official Star Wars Website, is said to be the first standalone Star Wars film. This means it is more than likely that this movie will have many neat little ties to the original films and fill in gaps and questions that were left unanswered between movies in the original saga. Though we don’t have the full cast list yet, we can expect to see some familiar faces throughout the film.

Lucasfilm has also announced that the production of Star Wars Vlll, the film following The Force Awakens, is still in the making and is set to be released in December 2017. Rogue One will be a part of what Disney is calling Star Wars’ new Anthology films. Films not part of the original Star Wars Saga but will be used to fill in gaps and explain events leading up to the original movies. These movies are set to be released every year, with the Rogue One making its debut in December of this year.