Military Appreciation Month: Family In The Military


In 1999, Congress initiated Military Appreciation Month for the first time. This month is made to give the opportunity to the public to show their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes the military made for us back then and now. As much as the focus has been on the person that has actually been enlisted in the military, it is necessary that the family members of military personnel are also recognized.

The effects of having a family in the military are large, and while it is definitely an honor to have a family member in the military, it can be difficult. Mackenzie Zintgraff ‘16 can attest to this, as her father is currently enlisted.

“It is hard sometimes but you get used to it, they [military personnel] are really important to our country,” Zintgraff said.

Every year more and more people join the military, and they risk their lives for citizens and for their country to be defend them from war.

The time away from home also affects family members and friends alike. Although Zintgraff realizes the importance of her father’s duties, it still can affect her day to day life despite constant contact through Facetime or phone call.

“My dad just came back from his 2 tour and was gone for the last 10 months,” Zintgraff said. “They are moving to florida next year for the next tour.”

Despite the time consumption, Zintgraff realizes the multitude of what her dad’s missions and duties inquire, and has learned to apply her father’s courageous and brave attitude to her own everyday tasks.

“It has inspired me to become a better person,” Zintgraff said. “I live everyday to the max, as cliche as that sounds. I know when he is out there he is doing crazy things and If he can do that, then I can push myself to do better.”

Public appreciation for the admiral service comes in many forms. To show our appreciation for our country, businesses and industries help by offering special incentives and discounts to the retired and active military personnel. They also proudly display the flag from May through June 14 (Flag Day).
To learn more about the military life, schools and universities invite service members every year to speak to their classes. Students contribute to honoring our veterans by sending cards and notes to hospitalized soldiers. The military touches lives everywhere, and the appreciation they get during this month is well deserved.