Warriors Show off Results of Training at Spring Game


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  • Head coach Anthony Wood shares his observations, and motivates players to improve throughout the summer after the conclusion of the spring game.

    Tristan Seifert
  • Quarterback Will Jennings ’18 talks to Prince Ugwu ’17 after the the third quarter.

  • Receiver Reid Carrier ’18 runs with the ball after receiving a pass from quarterback Will Jennings ’18.

  • Running back Jack Hiner ’18 is tackled after running the ball.

    Tristan Seifert
  • Receiver Reid Carrier ’18 is tackled by Kody Clements ’18 after running a pass for a six yard gain.

    Tristan Seifert
  • Will Jennings ’18 gets ready to throw the ball to Dylan Frazier ’18.

  • Defense successfully tackles an offensive player during the second half

  • Quarterback Ian Cox ’19 throws the ball to an open receiver.

  • Prince Ugwu ’17 runs the ball after a handoff, leading a first down.

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On Friday May 20 the Warriors faced off against themselves during their annual spring game. This game consisted of the whole football program divided into two teams–offense as White and defense as Orange. Orange won, ending the game with a score of 74-70.

“This game was the end of our spring season but I feel I played okay, even though I missed a few catches,” Dylan Frazier ‘18 said. “I feel the fall season will be more successful than last, but as of now we still have things to work on. The morning practices were hard and tiring but you get used to them after a while.”

The spring game was a game to test how they are going to do for the fall season and what they need to work on in offseason. Defense overall played effectively and in the end won by four points.

“It’s a great way to end our spring season,” Jaikem Murphy ‘18 said. “And it’s a great way to see how we’ve improved and what we need to improve for this upcoming season.”

For this game, the coaches divided the boys into groups one through five. They divided the boys up by skill starting with varsity as group one. The coaches had the varsity groups playing in the first half and had the JV groups playing in the second half so JV could get some good playing time.

In the varsity groups, Frazier had ten good catches and a 4th-down conversion. Trevor Smith ‘18 got a touchdown. Will Jennings ‘18 had a few successful throws to wide receivers Reid Carrier ‘18 and Frazier. In the JV groups, Ryan Basset ‘19 had a running touchdown.

“Our offense played well, we had chances to score near the end zone but couldn’t finish, I think our fall season could go really well,” Carrier said. “Our defense looks great and our running and passing game is great. Spring football went great. It’s hard to get up in the morning in the beginning but then you get used to it.”

The tireless mornings for the past few weeks are finally coming to an end, and now the boys are beginning on working towards a better fall season. Their next game will be in the fall on August 19th at the Warrior Bowl against Brenham.