Varsity Football Wins First Home Game 52-38

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  • The Tribe motivates the Warriors before the game.

  • Players line up their helmets during warmup.

  • Veronica Vasquez ’18 does a back handspring to warm up prior to the game.

  • Ethan Twining ’17 hugs his mom before the game.

  • The SunDancers line up to welcome the football players to the field.

  • The Warriors take charge as the crowd cheers them on to battle the Rouse Raiders.

  • Warriors make some noise at the kickoff.

  • Kaeden Roberts ’18 kicks a 27 yard field goal.

  • Wide receiver Dylan Frazier ’18 catches a pass from quarterback Will Jennings ’18.

  • Prince Ugwu ’17 pushes forward to allow Will Jennings ’18 to throw a complete pass.

  • Band mates fist bump to get ready for their halftime performance.

  • Trevor Smith ’17 dodges Rouse Raider players to score a touchdown.

  • Ethan Twining ’17 points to the stands to get them rallied up.

  • Jaikem Murphy ’18 tackles a Raider to prevent him from scoring.

  • Players hug after they win their second game in district.

  • Cooper Carroll ’17 congratulates the players after the game.

  • Sofia Penny ’18 sings the Alma Mater at the end of the game.

  • Chris Martinez ’18 hugs Nico Gutierrez ’17 after winning the game.

  • Ra’shon Bates ’18 goes to talk to his mom after the game.

  • Warriors pose after being victorious in their second district game.

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With a score of 52-38, the Warriors mowed down the Rouse Raiders in their first home game, making it their second win of the season. The players celebrated Senior Night, the student section showed American spirit, the coaches praised their athletes, and Westwood rejoiced when the clock hit zero.

We’ve started the season off amazingly but the best is yet to come. The best is yet to come. This isn’t it; you all are special.

— Coach Wood

Before the game, each senior football player, trainer, cheerleader and videographer gave an orange flower to their families and were recognized for their last year at Westwood. After the smiles and hugs, the players put their game faces on and won the coin toss, starting the quarter in receive. They made their way well down the field until Rouse intercepted and ran 40 yards. They made a field goal and immediately scored a touchdown with six minutes remaining in the first quarter, but this didn’t stop the Warriors. Quarterback Will Jennings ‘18 threw a 40 yard pass to wide receiver Aidan Asal ‘17 where he caught near the end zone. With 29 yards between the offensive line and the goal line, Dylan Fraizer ‘18 caught the team’s first touchdown.

“This year has been the first year where my team and I have felt confident going into games and thinking no one is going to beat us,” Colton Cooper ‘17 said. “We’ve improved on our balance between a good run and pass game and it definitely showed within the first quarter.”

Shortly after the Warrior’s touchdown, Rouse’s offense scored again, tackled by Beau Brown ‘17. With rushes by Prince Ugwu ‘17 and catches by Fraizer, the Warriors were able to come back, and Ugwu scored a touchdown. When attempting their extra point, the ball was hiked too far and kicker Kaeden Roberts ‘18 was unable to score, ending the first quarter 13-11.

At the start of the second quarter, Colton Hixson ‘17 had the first and most aggressive tackle against Rouse’s special teams. Asal continued to catch passes from more than 20 yards away and Ugwu not only played as a running back on offense, but also proved his receiving skills by catching a 30 yard pass. Trevor Smith ‘17 scored a touchdown with eight minutes left in the quarter, but Rouse scored only 27 seconds after Westwood. The Warriors were able to get close to the end zone again but were fourth and one, deciding to play the ball rather than punt it. It proved successful when Jennings ran the ball, giving the team a first down. Ugwu rushed to the end zone on the next play, running through several defensive players and knocking a helmet off one of the players; the score now 27-18. Jaikem Murphy ‘18 tackled the quarterback when he attempted to run the ball and turned to the crowd, waving his arms in the air and pumped up the fans.

“We knew it was going to be a fight to the end so that’s what we prepared for,” Murphy said. “We’re not the same team we were last year and that makes me so excited.”

Rouse scored in the very beginning of the third quarter but Roberts was able to kick a 27 yard field goal, putting the Warriors up by 12 points, 30-18. Roberts had to kick the ball again putting special teams on the field but Roberts was the one who tackled Rouse’s receiving player.

“The best moment in the game was definitely when our kicker took out Rouse’s biggest player,” Dennis Meaux ‘17 said. “I think he played great and I’m so excited to see how the rest of the season goes. These guys are the real deal.”

Still in the third quarter, two Rouse players were injured taking them out for the rest of the game, one of them including their quarterback. Even with this disadvantage however, the team was able to score twice but only made the extra point on the second touchdown, putting the Warriors down by one with a score of 30-31 and 4:22 left on the clock. Several long passes attempted by Jennings and more runs by Ugwu only went in their favor. Asal scored again 11 minutes in the third quarter, their extra point good. Even after this however, Rouse scored with only one second left in the quarter leaving it at 37-38. Prince started the fourth quarter running to the six yard line and was injured and taken out of the game, but only for one play. He got back in with even more determination.

“Since Friday, I’ve improved on running straight downhill and protecting my quarterback,” Ugwu said. “It was amazing when I looked up at the scoreboard and was able to say I was a big part of this victory and this team.”

Reid Carrier ‘18 caught the first touchdown of the fourth quarter followed by a two-point conversion by Colin Iguchi ‘17. Asal caught his third touchdown and put the Warriors in a comfortable lead towards the end of the game. Rouse’s quarterback was able to recover a fumble with 2:20 on the clock, scaring the players, but defense was able to hold down their opponent’s offense. The game ended with a final score of 52-38 and many of the boys were in tears and tight embraces. Head Coach Anthony Wood huddled his team together and ended with a memorable few words.

“We’ve started the season off amazingly but the best is yet to come. The best is yet to come. This isn’t it; you all are special,” Coach Wood said.

Come out and support the Warriors when they face off against Leander at Bible Stadium next Friday at 7 p.m.. Go Wood.