Varsity Football Vanquishes the Pflugerville Panthers 35-24

By Lindsey Thomas, Men's Sports Editor

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  • Color guard performs alongside band before the game.

  • Bella Cowart ’19 and Danielle Efruss ’18 harmonize.

  • Jackson Dunn ’18 watches his drum major.

  • Sitasma Timalsina ’18 plays alertly during the bands pregame show.

  • Color guard dances alongside the band before the game.

  • Dylan Frazier ’18 runs for a touchdown.

  • Beau Brown ’17 dabs after scoring a touchdown.

  • Will Jennings ’18 throws a 10 yard pass to a wide receiver.

  • Devyn Lennon ’19 cheers after kick-off for the second half.

  • Dennis Meaux ’17 clambers for a t-shirt.

  • The SunDancers leap during the halftime show.

  • Axel Adair ’17 and Lucas Madden ’17 cheer on the team during the second half.

  • The Band and the SunDancers start the halftime show.

  • The tribe cheers the Warriors on at kick-off for the second half.

  • Chris Martinez ’18 expresses disbelief after a Warrior touchdown.

  • Reese Green ’18 tackles an offensive player, lifting him up from the ground.

  • Miles Webber ’18 runs the ball.

  • Brandon Hsu ’17 gets low with the Drumline.

  • Adnan Jaber ’17 walks off the field after a turn over.

  • Trevor Smith ’17 runs the ball for a first down.

  • Will Jennings ’18 leaves the field after a touchdown run.

  • Dom Hume ’18 and Will Jennings ’18 smile as they walk off the field after shaking hands with the Panthers.

  • Players smile after the game.

  • Allyah Beaty’18, Jaikem Murphy ’18, Ryan Bowan ’18 and Brandon Allid ’18

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Ahead by a touchdown and a field goal, the Warriors vanquished the Pflugerville Panthers 35-24. Winning this game has brought back restored ambition to the players in hopes of going to playoffs.

“The theme was Halloween costumes this week for the Tribe, and personally I think Hunter Hayes ‘17 had the best costume by wearing a cheerleading outfit,” Lucas Madden ‘17 said. “The best part of the game was when Miles waved to Pflugerville as he dusted them. I really hope we make playoffs.”

To kick off the game, the Warriors received the ball first. The ball was returned by Matt Pravednikov ‘19 on the 45-yard line, but unfortunately during this play be broke his collarbone. Shortly after, quarterback Will Jennings ‘18 was rushed and ran the ball from the Warriors own 45-yard line to the Panthers own 45-yard line. A little over a minute into the first quarter, Te’shon McGinnis ‘17 ran the ball for the first touchdown of the night (7-0). After the Panthers received the punt return on the 21-yard line, there was a flag on the play resulting in a ten yard deduction on the Panthers. With five minutes left in the quarter, the Panthers scored their first touchdown of the night, ending the quarter tied at 7-7.

To jump start the second quarter, the Panthers scored another touchdown (7-14).  A little over three minutes into the game, there was a flag on the field due to an interference penalty, resulting in an automatic first down for the Warriors. Two minutes later, wide receiver Dylan Frazier ‘18 ran the second Warrior touchdown of the night to tie up the game at 14-14. With 0:21 left in the half, Pflugerville kicked a field goal ending the half with 14-17.

“It felt great to wins this game, like we got a chip off our shoulder and what made it feel even better is that every phase of our team had an impact on us winning the game,” Adnan Jaber ‘17 said. “This game was a major key for us to get into playoffs and I have no doubt we will make it if we keep that type of team effort rolling. We’re currently sitting at a four way tie for the last two spots for our district so the name of the game is win and you’re in. My personal favorite part of the game was seeing Beau Brown get the interception that secured our win. It’s always exciting to see my teammates make big plays.”

To start out the third quarter, the Panthers began with the ball. Two minutes into the second half, the Panthers ran from the Panthers own 41-yard line to the Warriors own 9-yard line. Shortly after, the Panthers attempted a field goal but inevitably missed. To end the third quarter strong, Beau Brown ‘17 ran the third touchdown of the night for the Warriors, ending the quarter with a score of 21-17.

To start out the fourth, Miles Webber ‘17 ran from the Warriors own 26-yard line for a touchdown, but unfortunately wasn’t counted due to unsportsmanlike conduct. The Warriors would then start from the 23 yard line with an automatic first down. Shortly after, McGinnis ran his second touchdown of the night (28-17). Following this, the Panthers scored a touchdown placing the score at 28-24. With five minutes still remaining in the quarter, Trevor Smith ‘17 scored the final touchdown for the Warriors (35-24). Ending the quarter strong, Beau Brown ‘17 caught an interception on the panthers own 48 yard line. The final score of the game was 35-24.

The Warriors will face off at 7 p.m. against the Cedar Ridge Raiders at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex on Friday Nov. 4. Go Wood.