Warriors Lose to Dragons 6-65

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  • Chris Martinez ’18 wishes Jaikem Murphy ’18 good luck before the game.

  • Players line up and put their hands over their hearts in respect for the national anthem.

  • Warriors defense work together to tackle a Round Rock player.

  • Paige Murphy ’19 cheers at the half.

  • The players head over to the coach after a play.

  • Wide receiver Matt Pravednikov ’19 looks to coach Wood for the next play call.

  • Te’shon McGinnis ’17 runs the ball.

  • Quarterback Colin Iguchi ’17 runs the ball.

  • Mario Debs ’19 talks with Colin Iguchi ’17 as defense plays.

  • Beau Brown ‘17 tackles a Round Rock player.

  • Coach Anthony Wood talks with players after the game.

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Losing 6-65, the Warriors (4-4) were defeated by the Round Rock Dragons (5-3) in their fourth district game of the season. The boys went into this game with confidence and drive but slowly throughout the game, they lost their strive. 

“We’re extremely thankful and grateful for the people who stuck around in the stands even when we were losing by so much. It means unbelievable amounts.” Adnan Jaber ’17 said.

Winning the coin toss, the Warriors decided to receive the ball first. In the first quarter of the game, quarterback Colin Iguchi ‘17 threw a pick six in the first play of the game (0-6). Shortly after the Warriors fumbled the ball and the Dragons recovered it on the 35 yard line. Later on in the quarter, the Warriors punted the ball from the Warriors own 38 yard line to the Dragons own 23 yard line. Now with 3:22 on the clock, the Dragons scored the third touchdown of the game leaving the score at 0-20 at the end of the first quarter.

“Having people out did limit the performance, but we still were capable.” Dylan Frazier ’18 said. “We just didn’t play well at all, we didn’t execute as well as we could have.”

Within the first six seconds of the second quarter, the Dragons scored the fourth touchdown of the game (0-27). Shortly after, the Warriors called a timeout on the fourth down with one yard still to go on the 45 yard line. With 9:42 now on the clock, the Dragons scored another touchdown from the 46 yard line (0-34). About two minutes later, the Dragons caught an interception on the third down with five yards still to go on the 47 yard line. With 7:04 on the clock, the Dragons scored another touchdown leaving the score at 0-41. In the last two minutes of the game, the Warriors called their second timeout of the quarter on their fourth down with two yards still to go. In the last 13 seconds of the game, the Warriors scored their first touchdown by wide receiver Te’shon McGinnis ‘17, leaving the score at 6-41 at the half.

In the first two minutes of the third quarter, the Dragons scored their seventh touchdown of the game (6-48). With 4:40 on the clock, the Dragons scored another touchdown (6-55). A minute later, the Dragons attempted a touchdown on the 28 yard line. Shortly after, there was a flag on the field due to a late hit, resulting in the ball being moved 15 yards to the Warriors own 32 yard line. After this, the Dragons attempted a touchdown but was called up due to a holding call.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Dragons scored the only field goal of the game from the 26 yard line, leaving the score at 6-58. The Dragons scored the final touchdown of the game running the ball 94 yards. The final score was 6-65.

“Unfortunately, football is a fighting sport and with that comes the unavoidable fact that sometimes you’re going to get knocked down and knocked off your path. Yes we did have a good amount of unforeseen circumstances that led to several players being out but that is not something we can blame the loss on because when it comes down to it, we played bad and they played good. That is why they won.” Jaber said. “I feel no shame with admitting that. Although we did play a poor game, there are always  bright spots in any game and the key one I saw was the fight my teammates played with. For example, during film I saw Miles Webber ’17 going out and making great effort in his plays.”

Coaches declined to comment.

The Warriors will face off at 7 on Oct. 28, at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex against the Pflugerville Panthers. Go Wood.