Warriors Fall to Stony Point Tigers 14-38


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  • Sydney Busfield ’18 lines up alongside the SunDancers as the players run out of the teepee before the game.

  • Reese Green ’18 and Nico Gutierrez ’17 place their hands over their hearts in respect for the national anthem.

  • Coach talks with the defensive players while offense is in.

  • Dylan Frazier ’18 jumps to catch a pass from quarterback Will Jennings ’18.

  • Colin Iguchi ’17 runs the ball.

  • Elizabeth Widener ’19 preforms alongside the band in color guard.

  • Clarinet players in band preform at halftime.

  • Players run out of the teepee after halftime.

  • Student section wears all pink in support for breast cancer awareness month.

  • Dylan Frazier ’18 blocks two of Stony Points players as he runs the ball.

  • Paige Murphy ’19 cheers to the players.

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After an emotional game, the Warriors (4-3) lost to the Stony Point Tigers (2-6) 14-38. While the Warriors were hoping to add another win to their district line up for the season, they couldn’t catch up to the Tigers after a rough first half.

The game began with Stony Point on offense, running the ball from the 40 to the 20-yard line, quickly following up with the first touchdown left in the game with 11:15 on the clock. Once Westwood had control of the ball, wide receiver Trevor Smith ‘17 took the ball to the 17-yard line on the Warrior side after a pass from quarterback Will Jennings ‘18, giving the Warriors’ their first first down. By the time there was 9:05 left on the clock, the Tigers regained the ball from a turnover. Soon after, wide receiver Ethan King ‘17 was sent off the field for an injured left leg, but didn’t end up leaving the game in an ambulance. With 6:31 left in the quarter, the Tigers received a 10-yard penalty due to a holding call. Shortly after, the Warriors got the ball for a turnover, but lost possession of the ball by the time there was 3:14 left in the quarter. About a minute later, the Tigers received a 10-yard penalty for holding, but ended up turning the ball back over to the Warriors. The first quarter ended after the Tigers caught an interception, leaving the Tigers with a second down and on the 42-yard line at the beginning of the next quarter.

“I think we played hard, we just didn’t execute as well as we could’ve and have before. We had big plays and energy, the stops and the touchdown really helped,” Dylan Frazier ‘18 said. “We’ll [have to] watch more film and practice making plays individually.”

The first play of the second quarter was stopped short by a personal foul on the Tigers, resulting in a 15-yard penalty. With 10:03 left in the half, the Tigers made the second touchdown of the game, making the score 0-14. Westwood regained the ball with five-yard punt return to the 35-yard line, made by wide receiver Matt Pravednikov ‘19. About a minute later, quarterback Jennings pass was intercepted at the 48-yard line. With 8:47 left on the clock, the Tigers scored from their 37-yard line, making the score 0-21. The punt return took the Warriors to the 42-yard line on the Warrior side, leading to a Warrior first down when Frazier caught the ball on the seven-yard line. With 7:48 left, Jennings passed the ball to Smith for the first Warrior touchdown, making the score 7-14. Within a few minutes, linebacker Jaikem Murphy ‘18 sacked the Tigers quarterback at the 49-yard line. The Warriors retook possession of the ball shortly after and with 2:40 left on the clock when running back Te’shon McGinnis ‘17 made a Warrior first down at the 37-yard line. Within a minute, another pass was intercepted by the Tigers at the eight-yard line. The ball turned over to the Warriors very shortly afterwards and Jennings ran a first down, from the 45-yard line to the 16-yard line. In the last minute of the half, Smith was taken off the field for an injury. With 0:18 left in the second quarter, the Warrior’s made the fourth touchdown of the game with a pass from Jennings to wide receiver Reid Carrier ‘18, making the score 14-21. By the end of the half, the Tigers made it to the 25-yard line, but not before they suffered a 15-yard penalty due to a personal foul.

“I felt as though we didn’t execute as well as we usually do. Our effort were continuous throughout the game and we were there for each other. The loss hurt but all we can do it be ready and prepare for next week,” Colton Cooper ‘17 said. “We always gave effort and never gave up.”

The third quarter started with a punt to Frazier, making a Warrior first down at the Tiger four yard line. By 10:19, the ball had turned over and linebacker Miles Webber ‘17 was forced to leave the field for a minor injury. With 10:12 left in the quarter, defensive back Aaron Gonzales ‘17 was rushed to the ER after breaking his left shin. Within a few play the Warriors had regained the ball with a punt, starting on the Tiger 20 yard line, loosing it shortly after to a turnover. At 6:28 linebacker Murphy tackled the Tiger quarterback at the seven-yard line, but with 4:00 left on the clock the Tigers had made another touchdown, making the score 14-28. With 3:18 left, the Warriors made a first down at their 40-yard line. Within a few minutes the Warriors fumbled the ball and was then recovered by the Tigers. With 1:06 left on the clock, the Tigers made a field goal, taking the score to 14-31. The quarter ended with a punt return to the Tiger 33-yard line.

To start of the last quarter of the game, Frazier made a first down on the 36-yard line, was followed by a personal foul on the Tigers. This resulted in a 15-yard penalty on the Tigers and subsequently a Warrior first down. With 9:22 left in the quarter, quarterback Colin Iguchi ‘17 threw an interception, making it a Tiger first down at their 34-yard line. Within a minute the Tigers had made a touchdown from the three yard line, making the score 14-38. With 6:26 left on the clock, there was a turnover to the Tigers after a missed pass on the 47-yard line. In the last play of the game, linebacker Chris Martinez ‘18 tackled the Tigers quarterback, ending the game with 14-38.

“Last night I think we did a good job on moving the ball on offense but we just couldn’t finish our drives. On defense we defended the passes very well. The game didn’t end up going as we had hoped but we all tried our hardest until the game was over so I have no regrets, I think the rest of the team feels the same,” Smith said. “We had some alignment problems but other than those we had very few mistakes. For next game we just need to try and get everyone to be as healthy as possible because we had multiple key players get injured last night. I think the coaches will have us go to get treatment for our injuries so we are ready to play.”

Come out and support the Warriors when they face off at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 21, against the Round Rock Dragons at the Dragon Stadium. Go Wood.