Election Results Spark Downtown Austin Protests

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    Since the election on Nov. 10, 2016, Trump protests have raged in the streets of many big cities across America. Trump protests filled the streets of downtown Austin on Sunday, Nov. 13 to express the voters resentment of President-elect Donald Trump.

    The protests consisted of not only the protesters, but also many people trying to get a glimpse of the event, and an array of police officers spread out across the city. Many Hillary Clinton supporters stormed the streets to voice their hatred of Donald Trump winning the Presidential election. All had their own reasons for being there, but one thing they all had in common is a hatred of Donald Trump.

    “I really hate Trump. I really hate Trump. What he has provoked in this nation is despicable and I do not know how anybody in their sane mind in the United States of America can support that man,” protester Anastasia Agarwal said.

    Protesters chanted “We reject the President elect.” This slogan proved to be very effective when chanted by the protesters. Some of the protesters just wanted to be part of the protest for the novelty of being part of a protest.

    “I went to the protest for the novelty of what a protest is. I have never gone to a protest and I had a lot of fun,” college student Kelly Wang said. “By the middle of the protests, I started to get really excited and I started to chant with them. The protests convinced me that I, too, do hate Donald Trump.”