JV Tennis Conquers McNeil at Districts

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  • Truman Le ’19 moves up for an aggressive forehand return.

  • Truman Le ’19 leans back to follow the ball for his serve.

  • Jake Imperial ’19 and Mete Bayrak ’19 high-five after a successful point in their doubles match.

  • Kavya Raghavendhran ’19 tosses the ball up to serve the point.

  • Following the ball with her eyes, Kavya Raghavendhran ’19 prepares to begin the point.

  • Truman Le ’19 sets up for a backhand return to the Mavericks.

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The Westwood JV tennis team faced off against the McNeil Mavericks on Thursday, Oct. 27 in the 13-6A UIL district finals on the home courts.

The Warriors played well against the Mavericks,with a final score of 11-2. Each player contributed to the win and had their own feelings on how this game went for them and reminisced on how this whole season was.

Some players were nervous before the start of the match, but most had confidence. Everyone was still a little anxious because of the fact that it was the  district finals and they all wanted to win.

“I am a little nervous because it is finals but I am also confident that we will win because we have good players,” Anika Srinath ‘19 said.

Jake Imperial ‘19 did well, racking in numerous wins for the team. He played on court one and won some crucial games against McNeil, which overall contributed to the win for the Warriors.

“I think I played pretty well but there were sometimes that I thought I could have done better but overall I think I did good,” Imperial said. “I think that I should have not made some of the errors that I made.”

Like Imperial, many also thought they did well in the tournament, but some also thought they could have done a little better.

“In this game, I thought I did not that well, but Truman was terrific,” Carolina Van Heemskerck Pillis ‘19 said. “I wanted to just get spin, which would have changed up my whole game.”

Since this was the last match of the team tennis season, the players reminisced on how they thought the whole team did this year and how they thought that they got better as an individual player.

“We did good, I feel like some people need to put in more effort and come to practices but overall I think we did good,” Pillis said.

All the players left with a feeling of content knowing that they won the tournament. Most players had the same goals made already for the  upcoming tournament season.

“Practice more, cut down on errors,” Imperial said.