JV Tennis Team Wraps Up Fall Season

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  • Daria Monleon ’18 anticipates the ball.

  • Daria Monleon ’18 prepares to return the ball.

  • Melis Bayrak ’17 gets ready to hit the ball back.

  • Daria Monleon ’18 and Melis Bayrak ’17 work together as a team to win the match.

  • Melis Bayrak ’17 gets ready to serve back to the opposing team.

  • Daria Monleon ’18 takes a moment before serving the ball.

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The JV tennis team wrapped up their brief fall tournament season on Thursday, Nov. 17, bringing home titles in A bracket. From the very beginning, athletes and coaches alike had high goals set for the tournament as well as the upcoming spring season.

“I expect to win every draw in every division — high expectations but ones we need to strive for,” head coach Travis Dalrymple said. “[We need] to continue to improve in all areas and to keep our feet moving at all times.”

Though tournament season consists of fellow teammates competing against each other, athletes were a team at all times, cheering each other on in every individual match.

Truman Le ‘19 and Mete Bayrak ‘19 played their way to first place in the A boys’ doubles draw, while Melis Bayrak ‘17 and Daria Monleon ‘18 placed first in the A girls’ doubles draw.

Aside from the titles brought home, athletes were also able to gain a sense of what needed to be improved on for the upcoming spring tournament season.

“As a team, we need to work on mostly just communication, but [also] a lot of technical things that we need to work on,” Le said. “I think it’s expected that we will keep winning tournaments regularly, it was what we’re hoping for, and what we were expecting out of this tournament too.”

The JV tennis team will begin their spring tournament season in the second semester.