ASL Participates in Scavenger Hunt

The American Sign Language 1 (ASL) classes recently learned about directions and  commands such as left, right, straight, backwards, and more. To practice the newly learned concept, ASL teacher Dorothy Radebaugh arranged a scavenger hunt.

“They are going to different locations and watching directions to the next location, because we just went over directions in our class. So basically they are following the directions to the next location and answering questions once they get there,” Mrs. Radebaugh said.

The classes went around the school and scanned the QR codes to find out the directions to their next destination. Each QR code had a video which showed the directions in sign language to their next destination. Once they reached their location, the students answered the questions corresponding to the QR code and continued on the hunt.

“We are doing a scavenger hunt going place to place and in each place we [scan] a barcode and each barcode has directions in sign language which we have to decipher in order to go to the next place,” Colton Robinson ‘20 said.

Groups raced to finish the activity first, with the top three pairs winning three pieces of candy each. The activity allowed ASL students to learn how to give directions to a deaf person in need.

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  • Coltin Robinson ’20 scans the QR code on his laptop.

  • One of the QR codes scattered around the library is displayed.

  • Elizabeth Wells ’20 and Aaron Watson ’20 collaborate on figuring out what direction they will need to go next.

  • An ASL student watches the QR code link.

  • J Heinlein ’18 and Colton Robinson ’20 write down the hand signals given by the QR code links.

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