Varsity Girls’ Basketball Crush Round Rock in Senior Night

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  • McKenna Lindley ’18, Meagan Hendricks ’18, and Lauren Jury ’17 team up against a Dragon.

  • Keeping her arms up, Lauren Jury ’17 actively defends so the Round Rock player cannot score.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 attempts to steal the ball.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 watches the ball as a Dragon tries to get past her.

  • Reaching up, Kandyce Shepard ’17 tries to block a pass to a Round Rock player.

  • Marilyn Robinson ’17 scans the court for a teammate to pass to.

  • Christina Maunder ’17 takes the ball down to court to create a scoring opportunity.

  • Holding the ball out of her opponent’s reach, Kandyce Shepard ’17 looks for someone to pass the ball to.

  • McKenna Lindley ’18 holds a defensive stance against her opponent.

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Black and orange balloons adorned the stands as friends, family members, and teachers alike came out to support the varsity girls’ basketball team in their last district game on Tuesday, Feb. 7. The Warriors displayed their impressive defense, holding the Round Rock Dragons to a winning score of 64-22. In addition, seniors were honored in the traditional Senior Night, and graduating athletes sported two fashionable pigtails.

“We wanted something for us seniors since it’s Senior Night, so I [suggested pigtails],” Kandyce Shepard ‘17 said. “We just wanted to make a mark.”

The first quarter began with a quick-paced start, with Shepard sinking an offensive rebound off of Allyah Beaty ‘18 to put the first two points on the board. Quick steals by Madison Couch ‘17 allowed for another four points to be added to the Lady Warriors’ lead, while Marilyn Robinson ‘17 shot two consecutive two-pointers. With incredibly strong offense, the Warriors were able to end the first quarter 20-7.

McKenna Lindley ‘18 furthered the Warriors’ lead with multiple two-pointers in the second quarter, while Beaty rebounded off her own shot to add another two points to the score. Following a two-pointer by Meaghan Hendricks ‘18, the Lady Warriors left for halftime with a score of 37-13.

“It’s great to play with the seniors, and I’m gonna miss them a lot,” Beaty said. “They improve me, and it’s our last district game but it’s not our last game to play together as a team. As long as we work together like a team like we played tonight, I have high hopes [for playoffs].”

Right off the bat, Shepard sank another offensive rebound during the third quarter, and followed up with a two-pointer. Couch, while attempting to make a pass, accidentally made a three-pointer, increasing the Lady Warriors’ ever-growing lead. The Warriors called their first time out with 3 minutes 33 seconds remaining, and wrapped up the quarter 48-18.

Going into the last quarter with a 30-point lead, the Warriors began with all five seniors on the court. Effective communication between Couch, Shepard, and Robinson allowed for several two-pointers, and Beaty sank a three-pointer, finishing the game with a score of 64-22. Though it was the Lady Warriors’ last district game, they will be advancing to bi-district playoffs on Feb. 13-14.

“I think these girls are certainly ready for the challenge of playoffs,” varsity girls’ coach Doug Davalos said. “The difference between playoffs and district is that there’s no tomorrow. If we take the court and don’t give our best shot, we’re going home.”

With countless hours dedicated toward excelling in the sport, a majority of the seniors have plans to continue playing even after graduation.

“I’ve been playing in this gym for four years, it’s all I know and to think it’s over, I don’t think it’s hit me yet,” Couch said. “I know for a fact that I’m definitely going to miss it. I want to continue playing basketball, so we’ll see where that leads me.”

Some have extended their careers beyond high school — Shepard will be continuing her journey at the University of Incarnate Word, where she’ll be playing as a freshman.

“I’m ready to take that next step and take it to the next game,” Shepard said. “We’re not quite done yet because we are going to playoffs, but it feels good to finish off the season well. It’s sweet and sour.”

While Senior Night traditionally takes place on the last district game, the season is far from over, as Coach Davalos will continue to coach the team through playoffs.

“It’s nice to see them come out here and get honored,” Coach Davalos said. “They put in so much hard work and made a commitment to each other and to make this program better. They’re an absolute wonderful group of seniors.”