OPINION: Lindsay Lohan Raises Awareness of Islamophobia

OPINION: Lindsay Lohan Raises Awareness of Islamophobia

Trevor Wyatt, Reporter

Lindsay Lohan, once known for playing insane characters in movies, has over the years faced backlash for everything she does. Arguably, some of this may have been warranted, however she was recently spotted wearing a headscarf in an airport, and was asked to remove it. She didn’t have an issue with removing it, but in an interview she stated that she was worried about what would happen if someone who was required to wear a scarf was forced to remove it. Once she removed the scarf, the flight attendant saw her passbook, and realized it was Lindsay Lohan and immediately started apologizing. Lohan is using this incident to advocate for the increased need for help in Middle Eastern countries. She has been helping there a lot recently, such as sponsoring a family that she is directly helping.

There are many celebrities who use their fame to help bring awareness to certain issues, just as Lohan is doing. There are some people who use their fame to harm or endanger others emotionally, physically, or socially. They might use racial slurs or derogatory terms in ways that they believe is okay but they still offend groups of people. Some people use events to help endorse causes good or bad Lohan as of recently has been using negative press to plug her beliefs.

As a teenager, I feel it is important to have people to look up to, and celebrities are where most teens look. Growing up seeing people from my favorite movies struggle and handle it so gracefully is amazing. Lohan set a good example by using an unfortunate event to push her charity and show how much she cares. She, like many other stars, has done bad things in the past, such as drugs, but is trying to clean herself up and give back to the world.

When people I look up to do charitable things it inspires me to to get involved, and help the world. I aspire to one day be able to travel the world, and help out in communities that need assistance . Many teenagers plan to help out in the future, and never go through with. However, I plan to be one of those who do.