SunDancers Hold Pinning Ceremony


The new SunDancer officers pose together for a group picture. Photo credit to Westwood SunDancers.

On Monday, May 15, the SunDancers held their pinning ceremony, where the old officers say goodbye and pass down their positions to the new officers. Starting this week the new officers will be able to carry out their new roles and run the team.

“I’m really excited,” Major Jenna Weatherbie ‘18 said. “This week we have new team practice so that means all the new members are coming in during morning practice, and it’s really exciting to see all the new faces. This is my first week actually leading the team and it’s really fun.”

The new team will come together to celebrate the upcoming season and get to know the new members.

“I’m just getting more and more excited about football season,” Weatherbie said. “I’m looking forward to making friends, and I feel like this baby class is really good.”

Below is a list of all the SunDancer officers for the upcoming school year.

Line Officers

Major: Jenna Weatherbie ‘18

Lieutenants: Sadie Armstrong ‘19, Susi Chavez ‘19, Hallie Klein ‘19, Deirdra Mantia ‘19

Social Officers

President: Khira Patel ‘18

Chrislyn Shepara ‘18

McKennah Robertson ‘18

Ju Ruiz ‘19