Warriors Show Off Spring Training at Spring Game

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  • Brandon Kothlow ’18, Reed Harrington ’18, and Chad Dixon ’18 have fun while the twos are in.

  • Will Jennings ’18 looks for an open receiver to pass to.

  • Defense lines up to show their respect for the national anthem.

  • Offensive line and defensive line prepare to blitz.

  • The Warriors get pumped up before the game.

  • Offensive line waits for quarterback Will Jennings ’18 to hike the ball.

  • Hayden Barrow ’18 holds back another player during a warm up drill.

  • Reese Green ’18 attempts to tackle Matt Pravednikov ’19

  • Reed Harrington ’18 blocks another defensive player for warmup before the game.

  • Recivers Matt Pravednikov ’19, Dylan Frazier ’18 look to Will Jennings ’18 to snap the ball.

  • Luca Mazzola ’19 moves past an approaching defender to gain yards for the offense.

  • Zach Hoover ’19 jumps to catch the ball during warmup.

  • Coach Jeff Wilkerson talks to Chris Martinez ’18 after a successful play.

  • Will Jennings ’18 runs the ball.

  • Quarterback Will Jennings ’18 hands the ball over to running back Mario Debs ’19.

  • Quarterback Ian Cox ’19 prepares to throw the ball to a waiting receiver.

  • Athletic coordinator Anthony Wood talks to the ones while the twos are in.

  • Kaeden Roberts ’18 prepares to kick the ball for a field goal.

  • Zach Hoover ’19 runs off the field.

  • Receiver Dylan Frazier ’18 waits for quarterback Will Jennings ’18 to hike the ball.

  • Ryan Lindley ’20 carries the ball past defenders.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 waits for the ball to be in play.

  • Mario Debs ’19 runs for a touchdown.

  • Quarterback Will Jennings ’18 looks for an open receiver to pass to.

  • Warriors sit on the bench during the half.

  • The Warriors huddle around Coach Anthony Wood after the game.

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In the Warriors’ spring season closer, the defense triumphed over the offense in their annual spring scrimmage on Tuesday, May 16. This year’s spring game presented a competition factor that the Warriors have not seen in three years.

“We have more depth at each position which creates more competition. I saw more of competition going on at practice than we have in the past three years,” athletic coordinator coach Anthony Wood said.

Throughout this year’s spring game, even though defense won, they were unable to catch every pick thrown to them. Statistically, the team that makes the most turnovers during a game is going to win the game, the majority of the time. Being unable to secure an interception or a fumble on the ground change the outcomes to football a game.

“I am upset about a few of those turnovers not being caught, I would like for those to go in our favor,” Coach Wood said. “I’m glad the players were upset that they dropped the picks because those are big-time momentum swift changes in a game that I would like to see us create.”

This game was an offensive-defensive scrimmage with a unique scoring system that allows the defense to score points and the offense to obtain points even without scoring touchdowns. For example, if the defense gets three and out (which means the offense gets the ball and the defense makes the punt after three downs) the defense then gets three points. If the offense gets a first down, they get one point. If the defense gets a turnover, that’s seven points because it is considered a touchdown. Any turnover the defense obtains, that equates to seven points. Any touchdown by the offense is seven points. Any tackle behind the line of scrimmage is one point for the defense.

“My favorite part of spring ball was watching coach Wood kick a field goal,” quarterback Will Jennings ‘18 said. “I think spring football is more laid back than the regular season because we aren’t playing any games, we’re only playing each other which creates a baseline on where your team is at to determine where your team will be at for the fall season.”

These boys have tirelessly brought themselves to the football fields at 6:30 every morning and will continue this determination throughout the summer. All summer long they will come at 7 a.m. when it’s 100 degrees out and they are in full pads practicing to get ready for the fall season.

“At the end of the game, I thanked the players for being part of our program and letting them know that what they do is very hard and there’s not a lot of kids that can do what they do. There’s a lot of kids that want to think that they can, but none of them do it. I thank them for being a part of our program and all the hard work that they do and let them know how special they are and how much we care about them,” coach Wood said.

Even though the tireless mornings have come to an end for spring ball, the boys most now prepare for the 2017 fall season. Over the next few weeks the Warriors will be in a series of 7v7 tournaments, striving to make the state championships in July at College Station. The teams will fluctuate from week to week, but for this Saturday, May 20 it will mainly be the starters on offense and the starters on defense; their best skilled players. Offensively they will have Dylan Frazier ‘18, Reid Carrier ‘18, Ryan Lindley ‘20, Matt Pravednikov ‘19, Cameron Thomas ‘18, Mohan Hegde ‘19, Luca Mazzola ‘19, Ian Cox ‘19, Jennings, with center Riley Dale ‘18. On defense they will have Roshan Mara ‘18, Reese Green ‘18, Jaikem Murphy ‘18, Brandon Kothlow ‘18, Chad Dixon ‘18, Zach Hoover ‘19, Akhil Akshintala ‘19, and Ra’shon Bates ‘18.

Come out and support the Warriors for their first 7v7 tournament at Lake Travis on Saturday May 20 at 9 a.m.. Go Wood.