Varsity Football Conquers Lehman 63-13 Second Year in a Row

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  • Sofia Penny ’18 recognized as cheerleader of the week.

  • The Warriors line up for he national anthem.

  • Dom Hume ’18 shows respect durning the national anthem.

  • SunDancers smile as football runs out of the tipi.

  • Sundancers line up and cheer on the football team as they run out onto the field against Lehman

  • Will Jennings ’18 throws the ball to an open receiver.

  • The Tribe cheers for the football team.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 watches offense on the sideline as he waits to go in for defense .

  • The defensive lineman prepare for the next play.

  • Reid Carrier ’18 congratulates Cameron Thomas ’18 on his touchdown.

  • Will Jennings ’18 talks with Reese Green ”18 on the sidelines.

  • Mohan Hegde ’19 gets tackled after running the ball.

  • Jaikem Murphy ’18 pushes defensive players out of the way to run the ball down the field.

  • Reid Carrier ’18 runs to become open to receive a pass from quarterback Will Jennings ’18.

  • Cameron Thomas ’18 catches a 30 yard throw by Will Jennings ’18.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 and Reed Harrington ’18 talk after coming out from the game.

  • Ra’shon Bates ’18 cheers on teammates from the sidelines.

  • Jaikem Murphy ’18 runs between defenders to score a touchdown.

  • Sadie Armstrong ’19 dances in the halftime performance.

  • Color Guard performs during the half time show against Lehman

  • Sundancers perform at half tome at the football game against Lehman.

  • Cam Thomas ’18 canvases the field for an open gap.

  • Chad Dixon ’18, Reed Harrington ’18 and Brandon Kothlow ’18 talk before going into the game.

  • Westwood’s student section celebrates a Westwood touchdown against Lehman.

  • Warriors hype themselves up before running onto the field.

  • Dylan Frazier ’18 checks with the referee about the play.

  • The varsity captains walk up for the coin flip.

  • Westwood’s student section celebrates a Westwood touchdown by waving home made fan flags.

  • Zach Goodall ’18 catches a pick six.

  • Westwood’s band plays after a Westwood touch down against Lehman.

  • Kaeden Roberts ’18 kicks an extra point through Lehman’s defensive coverage.

  • Corbin Martin’s ’19 mom cheers him on at the first home game against Lehman

  • Cameron Thomas ’18 runs the ball into the end zone for a touchdown.

  • Joseph Coomaraswamy ’19 tackles offensive player that forces a fumble.

  • Cheerleaders watch Westwood football return the ball at the game against Lehman.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 completes an interception and scores a touchdown.

  • Veronica Vasquez ’18 sings the alma mater after the game.

  • Dylan Frazier ’18 visits with is mom and dad after the game.

  • The Warriors celebrate after their win.

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For the Warriors’ season opener game against the Lehman Lobos, the Warriors’ conquer the Lobos 63-13. This continues the Warriors two year streak of defeating the Lobos.

“It honestly felt so good to be back. I hadn’t played since freshman year and completely forgot how exciting it is to be out there playing with all your friends,” Reed Harrington ‘18 said. “The most memorable part was chad’s pick six just because we had both just came back from baseball and it was cool to see us out there performing. My best play was either the pass I battled down on the far sideline or the tackle I made on one of their speed options. As a team we definitely started out a little rusty and timid, but by the end I feel like we really pulled it together and started something really good for the rest of the season.”

To kick off the first quarter, Matt Pravednikov ‘19 caught a complete pass from starting quarterback Will Jennings ‘18 and ran over 50 yards into the end zone, but unfortunately received a flag due to an ineligible receiver upfield. Later with about 7:25 left until the second quarter, Lehman scored the first touchdown of the game, but did not receive an extra point due to a bad kick. While on the kick return after the touchdown by Lehman, the Lobos interfered with Chris Martinez ‘18 ability to catch the ball. Now with 7:10 on the board, Jaikem Murphy ‘18 ran the ball upfield 60 yards for the Warriors first touchdown of the season. Soon after this, Cameron Thomas ‘18 ran the ball 55 yards into the end zone for his first touchdown of the night. With three seconds on the clock, Murphy ‘18 ran the ball 87 yards for his second touchdown of the quarter, leaving the score at 22-6 at the end of the first quarter.

“It was a great night, I loved being back with the guys, it was a night I’ll never forget,” Dixon said. “The most memorable part about last night was enjoying the first win of the year with the team on the way back. We played great as a team, we played better than them in all aspects of the game and hopefully it will continue throughout the season.”

At the top of the second quarter, Chad Dixon ‘18 caught a turnover at the fourth and goal yard line. A few plays later, Thomas scored his second touchdown of the night. Soon after, linebacker Joel Navarro ‘18 turned the ball over back into the Warriors possession with 9:20 on the clock. Now with 7:55 on the clock, Dylan Frazier ‘18 caught his first touchdown of the night. About a minute later, the Lobos make their second and final touchdown of the game. To finish off the half, Thomas runs 72 yards for his third touchdown, ending the half at 43-13.

“It felt good as any first win of the season, but a big margin like this felt good as an opener to the year,” Frazier said. “The most memorable part to me was Jaikem’s first big run. The best play I made was my touchdown for sure. We all played well on both sides of the field but there’s always things to work on and improve.”

A few minutes into the third quarter, Brandon Kothlow ‘18 caught a turnover in the end zone and the ball was placed into the Warriors possession on the 18 yard line. With 3:43 left of the quarter, Thomas caught his fourth and final touchdown of the night after running the ball 70 yards into the end zone. To finish off the third quarter, Dixon caught a pick on the 50 yard line and ran the ball 50 yards into the end zone, ending the quarter at 57-13.

At the top of the fourth, kicker Kaeden Roberts ‘18 kicked his first field goal of the night with 7:23 on the board. Soon after Roberts then kicked another field goal, ending the game at a score of 63-13. In the final moments of the game, Zach Goodall ‘18 caught a pick.

“It was my dream come true, the moment with my teammates after the play and with my dad after the game, it was a great moment I will never forget,” Goodall said.

Come out and support the Warriors at 7 P.M. on September 8 at Bible Stadium against the Rouse Raiders. Go Wood.