Varsity Volleyball Triumphs over McNeil

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  • Audrey Quesnel ’20 throws a souvenir volleyball to the crowd.

  • Emmalyne Patterson ’20 throws the ball up to serve.

  • The team gets hyped for the game to begin by shouting chants.

  • Maggie Stout ’19 approaches as she jump serves.

  • Lauren Gregorczyk ’18 serves the ball to the Mavericks.

  • Cassie Jackson ’18 and Emily Low ’18 block a opposing teams hit.

  • The Lady Warriors huddle during a timeout.

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 sets the ball to a waiting hitter.

  • Lauren Gregorczyk ’18 serves the ball over the net.

  • The rest of the team on the sidelines chats about what is going on in the game.

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 serves the ball over the net.

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The rivalry between Westwood and the McNeil Mavericks came to the field house on Tuesday, Sept. 12 as the Lady Warriors’ varsity volleyball team took on the Mavericks. With a fired up crowd and determination from the players, the team was able to beat the Mavericks 3-0.

The first set began with long rallies between the teams which resulted in the score flipping back and forth. The Lady Warriors gained the lead after multiple kills by Maggie Stout ‘19 and Emily Low ‘18. Aggressive serving from the Warriors threw McNeil out of rotation causing them to scramble to put the ball back over. Lauren Gregorczyk ‘18 served multiple aces in a row to give the Warriors a comfortable lead. Throughout the set, McNeil called two timeouts which gave the Lady Warriors time to gain their momentum back. With a final kill from Cassie Jackson ‘18, the Lady Warriors won the first set 25-13.

“We played extremely well last night and fought hard for every point,” Jackson said. “Our strengths are definitely in our hitting, especially the middles.”

Coming into the second set, the Lady Warriors were determined to keep ranking up their points. With strategic sets from Emmalyne Patterson ‘20, the team continuously slammed down hits on the Mavericks. The opposing team attempted to throw the Lady Warriors off, but Gregorczyk and Stout saw the Maverick’s trick shots and were able to pick them up. The strong serving from Patterson allowed the Warriors to gain the set point and win 25-12.

“We knew McNeil wasn’t a team we could take for granted and that we had to outplay and out hustle them from the beginning,” Gregorczyk said. “We were aggressive with our serves, defense, and attacking and McNeil couldn’t handle it. We played strongly throughout the entire game and pushed from start to finish.

In the third and final set, both teams came back with the intent to win. However, the Lady Warriors persisted on and gained a lead. Jackson and Low were able to keep the ball on the Mavericks side with cohesive blocks. However, miscommunications between the Lady Warriors cause the Mavericks to gain a slight lead. The team bounced back with strong serves which gave the Lady Warriors the push to win the third set 25-19 and beat the Mavericks.

The Lady Warriors will take on Cedar Ridge on Friday, Sept 15 in the Field House beginning at 6:30 p.m.