GALLERY: JV Girls’ Basketball Defeats Westlake 38-37

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  • Taylor Cason ’20 runs down the court.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 looks for an open teammate to pass the ball to.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 high fives a teammate after making her free throw.

  • Taylor Cason ’20 beats Westlake players to the ball.

  • Riley Hammock ’20 catches the ball and looks for a teammate to pass it to.

  • Ana Morales ’19 gets past a defensive player to make it further down the court.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 attempts to break through the Westlake defense to score.

  • Meghan Booknis ’20 looks for a player to pass the ball to.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 is excited after finishing the game with a victory in the last 18 seconds.

  • Emma Zion ’21 passes defensive players to get to the net.

  • Peyton Hailey ’21 looks for an open team member to pass the ball to.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 prepares to take a shot.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 catches the ball to make a rebound for her team.

  • Taylor Cason ’20 looks for open teammates.

  • Riley Hammock ’20 attempts to block the lady Chaparral from passing to her teammate.

  • Taylor Cason ’20 passes to her teammate.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 prepares to shoot a free throw.

  • Peyton Hailey ’20 runs towards open teammates.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 sprints across the court.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 fights through the Chaparrals defense.

  • Taylor Cason ’20 prepares to charge through the Westlake Chaparrals.

  • Meghan Brooknis ’20 prepares to free throw.

  • Peyton Halley ’21 attempts a three-point shot.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 jumps up to take a shot.

  • Emma Zion ’21 shoots to gain two more points for the Warriors.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 shoots through oncoming defending Westlake players.

  • After regaining possession, Taylor Cason ’20 sprints the ball up the court.

  • Meghan Booknis ’20 attempts to shoot through defending Westlake players.

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