Orchestra Performs in Winter Concert

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  • Faith Song ’18 waits to leave the stage.

  • The cello section intently plays their instrument.

  • Lillian Young ‘18 plays her bass solo.

  • Symphony’s violin section plucks their instrument.

  • Margaret Seo ’19 focuses on playing her violin.

  • Junna Castel ’20 carefully reads the sheet music.

  • Anthony Pham ’19 waits to bow after his performance.

  • Brian Lee ’20 and Emily Lu ’20 play the cello.

  • Anushka Solanki ’20 plays her violin.

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The Orchestra Winter Concert took place in the Westwood Cafeteria on Thursday, Dec. 7. The four orchestras each played three pieces selected by head director, Mr. Joshua Thompson and associate director, Mr. Justin Anderson.

The evening started off with the Concert 5 Orchestra. The first piece they played was Momentum by Robert Longfield, conducted by Mr. Thompson. This piece featured three soloists, Arundhati Subramanian ‘21 and Caleb Fowler ‘21 on violin, and Marion Henry ‘21 on viola. Concert 5 also performed Northern Lights, by Alan Lee Silva, featuring Anna Wicker ‘20 on piano. Their final piece was Gaelic Trilogy, arranged by Jim Palmer.

“I really liked when the Concert 5 Orchestra played Gaelic Trilogy because it had low string features,” Emily Lu ‘20 said. “The way they played it was really pretty.”

The evening continued with the Concert 6 Orchestra. For their first piece, the students played themes from Carmen, by Georges Bizet, which was conducted by Mr. Anderson. They continued on to play Appalachian Folk Fantasy, arranged by Anne McGinty. The final piece they played was A Pirate’s Legend, by Soon Hee Newbold, with Athreya Vadayar ‘20 on viola. This piece featured a melodious high string line and intense low strings.

“I loved the way the Concert 6 Orchestra played A Pirate’s Legend, especially because of the cello melody it had,” Hannah Lu ‘20 said.

Shortly after, the Philharmonic Orchestra took their seats. The orchestra president, Faith Song ‘18, introduced the students and the pieces they would play. The students’ first song was Orange Jam, by Jeffrey S. Bishop, conducted by Mr. Anderson. Following this piece was Serenade for Strings, mvt. I Moderato, by Antonin Dvorak. Their final piece was Prelude from Suite for Strings “Holberg” by Edvard Grieg.

“I loved playing these pieces tonight because Mr. Thompson and Mr. Anderson taught this music and the style of the music really well,” Nathan Early ‘20 said. “I had a lot of fun rehearsing them and playing them.”

The final orchestra of the night was the Symphony Orchestra, and they were introduced by junior officer, Kelly Medina ‘19. The first piece the students played was String Quartet no. 3, mvt. III Allegro non troppo by Dmitri Shostakovich. Their second piece was the first movement of Concerto for Bass in a minor, by Giovanni Bottesini. The bass soloist, Lillian Young ‘18, came to the front to be heard, while half the orchestra sat out to give her the spotlight. The orchestra’s final piece was movements four and five of Antonin Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings.

“My favorite piece that we played was the one that featured Lillian because she is such an amazing player,” Sanjay Balakrishnan ‘20 said. “It was also super easy for me because it featured more of her and less of my instrument, but also listening to Lillian really inspires me to become a better player.”