Varsity Boys’ Basketball Conquers the Hays Rebels 59-49

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  • Daniel Victor ’18 dunks during warmup.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 reaches to tip the ball towards a Westwood player.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 jumps to block a fast break.

  • Mason Flood ’18 maneuvers around a Hays Rebel to score.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 brings the ball up to score.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 leaps up and shoots to score two points for the Warriors.

  • Santi Campos ’20 takes a jump shot in front of a defending Hays player.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 soars into the air for a layup.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 lays the ball up for a two-pointer.

  • Khira Patel ’18 preforms alongside the SunDancers at the half.

  • Sydney Busfield ’18 dances along with the Sundancers during the halftime show.

  • Zach Shrull ’19 lays the ball up to the basket.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 leans backwards to make a shot.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 takes a shot to score a two-pointer.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 dribbles past a defender towards the basket.

  • Mason Flood ’19 takes a shot with a Hays player close behind.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 dodges the arm of a Hays player to make a layup.

  • Jacob Hines ’18 steps up to defend the attack.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 dodges the Rebel defender.

  • Christian Robinson ’20 jumps to score a lay up.

  • Zach Shrull ’19 protects the ball from Rebel defenders.

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The Westwood Warriors (7-3)  faced off with the Hays Rebels (5-4) on Tuesday, Dec 5th. With the Field House crowded with parents and students who displayed cut out heads of the varsity players, the Warriors defeated the Rebels 59-49.

The Warriors started the game strong by winning tip-off and quickly followed with a basket by Daniel Victor ‘18. The team worked well throughout the first quarter with quick ball movement around their half of the court, and multiple blocks of the Rebels’ shots. The Warriors quickly gained their lead with consistent shots from Victor and Brandon Parks ‘20. With about a minute left in the quarter, Patrick Sladek ‘19 hit a three-point shot to put the Warriors up 16-11.

As the team moved into the second quarter, the strong teamwork throughout all the players was apparent. This teamwork was especially shown by brothers Latham Robinson ‘18 and Christian Robinson ‘20. Robinson ‘18 had multiple assists to Robinson ‘20 in order to help gain points for the Warriors.

“It is really cool to play with my brother,” Robinson ‘18 said. “My whole life I have played with him in the driveway, but have never thought about actually playing on a team with him, so for it to come true is pretty cool.”

The Warriors also presented solid defense through Hay’s struggle to gain points, and turnovers that placed the ball back in the Warriors’ hands. The teams went into halftime with a comfortable lead of 31-21.

During the half, the SunDancers performed a jazz routine with their new baby SunDancers for the crowd.

Coming back into the third quarter, neither team appeared to have lost their drive to score. Parks led the Warriors by calling plays that set them up for success. The ball was moved to Robinson ‘18 for a three-point shot, however the Rebels began to score more, which then allowed for a slight gain. While this was a lower scoring quarter for the Warriors, they kept their lead with help from a three-pointer from Jacob Hines ‘18, ending the third quarter 46-29.

In the final quarter of the game, the Rebels were anxious to gain points, but the Warriors always maintained their lead. This was due to accurate free throws from fouled players and a three-pointer by Santi Campos ‘20. In the final seconds, the Warriors saw their victory as they kept possession of the ball and ran down the clock. The game ended with a final score of 59-49.

“I think it [maintaining the lead] the whole game gave us a lot of confidence in how we were playing,” Robinson ‘18 said. “The whole time we felt like we could win and then it helped us execute all our plays and defense and just keep the lead.”

The Warriors will next compete in the Lion Classic Tournament Dec 7- 9 at Leander High School. Go Wood.