Freshman Girls’ Basketball Sweeps Round Rock Dragons 45-21

Alex Reece, Reporter

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  • Payton Halley ’21 and a Round Rock player race to pick the ball back up.

  • Both teams await the ball to come down for a Westwood point.

  • Dinah Bray ’21 gets into position for Round Rock to shoot their free throw.

  • Round Rock attempts and fails to stop a pass by Peyton Halley ’21 to Gabby Nash ’21.

  • Round Rock attempts to pass the ball while Taylor Fox ’21 guards.

  • Round Rock watches as Megan Luu ’21 shoots her shot.

  • Emma Goolsby ’21 prepares to shoot.

  • Both teams await Peyton Halley ’21 to shoot her free throw.

  • Peyton Halley ’21 dribbles down the court as her opponent attempts to steal the ball from her.

  • Taylor Fox ’21 guards a Round Rock player in an attempt to block her from passing.

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The Lady Warriors started off strong in their game against the Round Rock Dragons, leading off with a 4-0 lead early into the first quarter. While feeding off of her teammates energy, Megan Luu ‘21 made an impressive three-point shot to continue the Lady Warriors’ streak 8-0. After Peyton Halley ‘21 also made a shot of her own (11-0), Luu scored again to end the first quarter 13-0.

Feeling confident from their impressive first quarter victory, the Lady Warriors continued their success by adding another 10 points to the scoreboard, which pushed the Dragons far behind them. This streak continued until the end of the first half, where the Lady Warriors were still far ahead with a final score of 26-2 before the buzzer sounded.

As the brief halftime break ended, the Lady Warriors jumped back into action and continued their shutout of the Dragons. Points began to pile up on both sides, with Dinah Bray ‘21 pulling off two free-throw shots to get to 32-14. Even as exhaustion began to hit both teams, the Lady Warriors ended the third quarter with an outstanding 21 point lead on the Dragons making the score 35-14.

“(Our strongest point was) executing the offense,” Serena Baruah ‘21 said. “Defense was okay, but not our best.”

The final quarter was tense and alive with energy as the Dragons finally seemed to wake up. Baruah completed two layups in a row for a 39-14 score while Emma Goolsby followed with a three point shot to push the score to 41-14. While both sides of the small bleachers cheered them on, the teams battled until the very last second before the Warriors emerged victorious with a 45-21 score.

“We have a really tough game coming up next week and this was really good for us to experience before that game,” girls’ freshman basketball coach Jennifer Scazzero said.

With this outstanding victory helping them move forward, the Lady Warriors freshman basketball team can only go farther in the future. Catch their next game Tuesday, Jan. 16 at Pflugerville High School at 5:30 p.m..