JROTC Transfers Command in Ceremony

Donatella Voss, Photo Editor

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  • The Guidon is passed from Major Sandlin to Jacob Ciotti ’18.

  • Toran Degen ’18 presents his speech to the audience.

  • Major Sandlin, Toran Degen ’18 and Jacob Ciotti ’18 wait for the Color Guard to come to the stage.

  • Myles Martinez ’19 salutes along with the rest of his squadron.

  • The Color Guard prepares to present the flag.

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On Friday, Jan. 12, the Tx-861st held its annual Change of Command ceremony, transferring command from C/Col Jacob Ciotti ‘18 to C/Lt. Col Toran Degen ‘18.

The ceremony began with every cadet attending lining up in two separate formations, being led by their new squadron commanders. Once every cadet was in formation, the color guard walked onto the stage to present the colors. After the color guard had left the stage, Jacob Ciotti ‘18 and Toran Degen ‘18 followed Major Sandlin to the stage.

“As the new commander, I spoke on the goals for the following semester and set a standard for excellence,” Degen said. “Stepping on stage and addressing over 100 people will be an experience I always remember. The former commander gave his words of thanks and hoped for a better semester.”

The Change of Command ceremony also included promotions for other positions.

“Being Vice Group Commander will be a challenging job, but I have my friends and other seniors to help me, who I am thankful for,” Angel Ramirez ‘18, the incoming Vice Group Commander, said.

Degen and Ciotti both gave speeches on the podium to the audience at the conclusion of  the ceremony, which ended with everyone standing and singing the Air Force song. Afterwards, all cadets and parents were invited to join for a dessert buffet, and the new Unit Manning Document was posted on the walls so all of the new cadets could see their new jobs and awards they have received in the past semester.