Varsity Girls’ Basketball Crushes Stony Point 66-40

Nicolle Duvall, Reporter

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  • The Lady Warriors run and cheer before the game.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 and her family laugh with Coach Doug Davalos.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Annalise Galliguez ’20 defends Tiger offensive player.

  • Meaghan Hendrickson ’18 goes for the layup as Tiger defender falls in her path.

  • Annalise Galliguez ’20 passes to Anisha Chintala ’21.

  • Lyna Pham ’18 celebrates her senior night with Allison Rader ’17.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Meaghan Hendricks ’18 makes a three-pointer.

  • McKenna Lindley ’18 pushes past Tiger defender.

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 dribbles down the court.

  • Ryan Bowen ’18 is escorted by her mom and dad as she is recognized for senior night.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Makayla Coy ’19 successfully shoots and earns two points.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 shoots a layup with pressure from the Tiger defense.

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Roaring fans filled the stands Friday, Feb. 2 and kept the gym alive as they cheered on the victorious Lady Warriors. Coming so close to the end of the season, pressure for the team was at an all time high. Their second to last game, however, ended in the team’s favor with the Lady Warriors outdoing the Tigers 66-40.

Entering the first quarter, the Lady Warriors maintained their dominance with a final score of 18-6 in their favor. Starting with McKenna Lindley ‘18 winning the tip-off, the Lady Warriors had the advantage, allowing Allyah Beaty ‘18 to make the first two-pointer. Beaty advanced her team again with an easy layup followed by a successful pass to Makayla Coy ‘19, letting Coy make another two-point shot. Continuing her strong performance, Beaty made a three-pointer and another two-point shot. While the Tiger’s ended the quarter with a total of six points, their attempt to revive themselves fell short. The crowd’s excitement picked up when Lindley aggressively blocked an attempted shot by the Tigers. The Lady Warriors earned an additional five points with three successful free throws and a last two-pointer by Kooper Giles ‘20, finishing off the quarter at 18-6.

The Lady Warriors strengthened coming into the second quarter as well, leading the scoreboard at 40-18. In the midst of an attempted shot by Meagan Hendricks ‘18, Hendricks was tripped by a Tigers player and as a result was allowed two free throws, which she successfully completed. Beaty, in addition, completed two free throws. While the Lady Warriors were able to stay ahead, the Tigers picked up their offense toward the end of the quarter with a three-pointer and single successful free throw. The Tigers made another two-point shot but ultimately missed out when it came to their last free throw, leaving the score at 40-18.

“I started off really well, better than I thought,” Beaty said. “I came off with two points which really got the team pumped and got me pumped.”

After halftime, the third quarter remained in the Lady Warriors’ favor ending at 59-27. Coy started off with a two-point shot and had an additional three two-pointers and another three-pointer later in the quarter. The Tigers, despite their best efforts, improved no further than from the previous half. Failing to complete three free throws, the Tigers continued to suffer offensively. The quarter ended at 59-27 with a buzzer beater two-point shot by Lindley.

With the Lady Warriors at such a large scoreboard advantage, other players from the team were substituted in the final quarter. Although the Tiger’s performance improved, overall they were no match for the Lady Warriors. In the final moments of the game, the Tigers successfully completed four out of five free throws and a single two-pointer, ultimately concluding the game at 66-40.

“It was a great team win and we brought a lot of energy,” coach Doug Davalos said. “Our attention to detail on defense was where we started. I thought we played great defense and we got good offenses as the game progressed.”

The Lady Warriors’ final district game will be at Round Rock High School on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.