JV White Boys’ Soccer Defeats the Hawks 5-1 in First District Game


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  • Garner Thomas ’21 dribbles the ball down the field towards the goal.

  • Victor Brown ’21 runs the ball towards the goal.

  • Andrew Qian ’21 throws the ball in to another player.

  • Lucio Jimenez ’20 dribbles the ball down the field.

  • Victor Brown ’20 runs towards the goal with the ball to shoot.

  • Andrew Qian ’21 throws the ball in after Hendrickson kicked it out of bounds.

  • Sergio Saldana ’20 goes in for Jonas Perez ’20.

  • Garner Thomas ’21 jumps on Victor Brown ’21 after Brown scores his first goal of the game.

  • Eduardo Sanchez ’20 tries to take the ball away from a Hawks player.

  • Delling Deng ’20 kicks a corner kick to get the opportunity to score a goal.

  • The team listens to Coach Thailing about what to do for the upcoming half.

  • Victor Brown ’20 runs to keep the ball in bounds.

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Kicking off the weekend, the JV white boys’ soccer team dominated the Hendrickson Hawks on Friday, Feb. 2. at the Warrior Bowl. They played an exciting game for their first district win.

Despite a rough start, the boys scored many goals and came through in the end with a final score of 5-1. Within the first five minutes, the Hawks scored their only goal of the game on goalie Emilio Penny ‘20. There were many attempted shots-on-goal made by Lucio Jimenez ‘20, Eduardo Sanchez ‘20, Victor Brown ‘21 and Andrew Qian ‘21 to try and tie up the game after the Hawks scored. Within the last five minutes of the first half, Jimenez tied up the game 1-1.

Starting off the second half with a bang, Brown ran down the field and scored a goal. About ten minutes later, Sanchez shot and made the third goal of the game, bringing the score to 3-1. Shortly after, Sai Kasam ‘21 scored fourth goal of the game, putting the Warriors on a roll. To finish the game, Lucio Jimenez ‘20 scored the final goal, ending the game with the Warriors winning 5-1.

“[I was] very proud of the fact that they we went down one nothing and that we were able to respond with a number of goals, so I was very proud of the boys after tonight they played very well to start district 1-0,” Coach Paul Thailing said.

Catch the boys play their next district game Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 4:30 at McNeil high school to continue their streak of wins. Go Wood.