Varsity Boys’ Basketball Advances to Second Round Playoffs Defeating Bulldogs 63-55

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  • Patrick Sladek ’19 guards the Bowie point guard.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 pushes past defenders on his was to the basket.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 prepares to shoot a two-pointer.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 dribbles the ball down the court.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 lays up the ball.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 lays the ball up to the basket.

  • Point Guard Brandon Parks ’20 brings the ball down the court before starting a play.

  • Luke Durham ’19 dribbles the ball down the court, preparing to shoot a three-pointer.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 jumps to layup the ball.

  • Mason Flood ’19 shoots a free throw.

  • Christian Robinson ’20 shoots a free throw shot.

  • Luke Durham ’19 shoots a layup after a fast break down the court.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 tells his team what play to run.

  • The student sections cheers along with Principle Mario Acosta.

  • Zach Shrull ’19 passes the ball to another Warrior.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 shoots a layup.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 shoots a two-pointer.

  • Mason Flood ’19 watches his free throw shot sink in.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 drives the ball down the court.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 shoots a three-pointer.

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On Tuesday night, the Warriors stained the Rangers court, taming the Bowie Bulldogs 63-55. The Warriors came out and proved strength that will be seen again on Friday.

“This game was intense and a relatively close game until the end of the game when we won by eight points,” Brandon Kothlow ‘18 said.

Kicking off the first quarter, the Warriors lost the jump ball to the Bulldogs. Over the course of the first few minutes of the game, the Warriors were unable to sink in a basket, falling behind by six until Christian Robinson ‘20 shot a two-pointer. With this newfound determination to get more points on the board, Daniel Victor ‘18 drove down the court for an immediate three-pointer. As the quarter came to a close, the Luke Durham ’19 and Zach Shrull ’19 helped bring the Warriors up 11-9.

“This game was good that some of the juniors like Luke and Zach stepped up when we were having a hard time scoring a basket,” Victor said.

Coming into the second quarter, Latham Robinson ‘18 and Brandon Parks ’20 began adding points with free-point shots. As the Bulldogs began to crawl back up on the board, the crowd rose to their feet. With a little over half of the quarter over, Victor passed the ball over to Robinson to shoot a two pointer, regaining strength. Closing out the half, Victor shot a free throw, tying the game 21-21.

Driving into the third quarter with determination, Robinson scored a two-pointer. As the quarter progressed, Victor added points with more free throws, two-pointers by Parks and Durham, and a technical shot by Robinson. This sent the Warriors ahead once again by four, 36-32.

Moving into the fourth quarter, an immediate three-point shot was shot by Patrick Sladek ‘19, sending the Warriors crowd even louder. A minute later, Sladek shot another three and Robinson followed with another three-point shot. As the quarter dwindled down, the Bulldogs began fouling the Warriors, giving the Warriors 14 points in free throws, ending the game 63-55.

“We only missed one free throws in the fourth quarter which was really good that it allowed us to put the game out of reach,” Victor said. “Going to second round of playoffs will be fun to take the day to travel and spend the time with the team and being able to play the number six school in the state, it’ll be fun to play against such a highly ranked team.”

The Warriors will play again in their second round of playoffs on Friday Feb. 23 against the Spring Dekaney Wildcats at 6 p.m.. Go Wood.