Varsity Boys’ Basketball Conquers Raiders 68-61 Advancing to Playoffs

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  • Brandon Kothlow ’18 walks with his parents on senior night for recognition.

  • Manager Zach Goodall ’18 walks with his father for senior recognition.

  • Danny Debs ’18 is recognized as a senior on senior night.

  • Brendan Ramirez ’18 walks with his family for senior night.

  • Jacob Hines ’18 cheers as he is called out as a starter.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 and Latham Robinson ’18 shake hands before the game.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 reaches to tip the ball to a teammate.

  • Jacob Hines ’18 looks for an open player to pass to.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 shoots a layup.

  • Brandon Kothlow ’18 shoots a two during warmups.

  • Zach Shrull ’19 dribbles the ball down to inside the three-point line.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 passes the ball to Christian Robinson ’20.

  • Patrick Sladek ’19 charges down the court for a layup.

  • Luke Durham ’19 looks for an open player to pass to.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 waits for the ref to give him the ball to shoot a free throw.

  • Santi Campos ’20 moves around a Cedar Ridge defender to get open.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 shoots a free throw.

  • Coach Brad Hastings talks to the Warriors about the game plan during a timeout.

  • Santi Campos ’20 shoots a two pointer from the free throw line.

  • Corey Levinson ’19 shoots a free throw after a technical foul.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 shoots a two-pointer.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 jumps for a layup.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 runs to find an open teammate under the basket.

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Facing off against the Cedar Ridge Raiders for the second time in district, the varsity boys’ basketball team defeated the Raiders 68-61, advancing to first round playoffs for the first time since 2015. For the Warriors’ last home game, they recognized all the seniors and all their hard work for the past four years of dedication to their team.

“It feels amazing going to playoffs my senior year because we have worked so hard to go to playoffs and we finally accomplished our goal,” Daniel Victor‘18 said. “My favorite part about senior night was getting the time before the game with my parents.”

To kick off the first quarter, head coach Brad Hastings put five of his seniors in to start for their last game at home. As the crowd chanted on Kothlow, Daniel Victor ‘18 tipped the ball over to the Warriors’ possession before scoring the first two points for the Warriors. Immediately after, Victor regained possession and drilled in two more two-pointers, placing the Warriors up 6-4. Following, Latham Robinson ‘18 scored his first two points of the game with free throws. Bringing the Warriors up by a nine-point lead, Patrick Sladek ‘19 drained in three three-pointers; 18-9.

With about a minute of no scoring into the second quarter, Victor was fouled, and managed both free throw shots. Immediately following, Victor ran in another two. As the clock inched down, Santi Campos ‘20 shot a two-pointer, sending the crowd onto their toes. With free throw shots and a two-pointer by Robinson, the Warriors ended the half healthily ahead 33-23.

Charging into the second half, Victor and Robinson began adding points back to back onto the board by twos and free throws. Sladek drained another three-pointer with an immediate two-pointer, sending the crowd into the air with cheer. As the quarter neared the end, Christian Robinson ‘20 launched the ball down the court for his older brother, Robinson ‘18, to run up a layup, placing them up seven points at the end of the third quarter, 51-44.

“Going to playoffs for two sports is awesome because its my senior year, and we haven’t been to playoffs since 2013 for football and 2015 for basketball,” Brandon Kothlow ’18 said. “My favorite part about senior night was being able to start my last game.”

Moving into the final quarter on their home court, the stands remained on their toes by the intensity shown by the players. With many drives by Sladek down the court, great passes by Luke Durham ‘19, and rebounds by Mason Flood ‘19, the Warriors maintained their lead. Flood came out and scored the first two of this quarter, with an immediate three by Sladek. Ending the game, Robinson ‘18 passed the ball to his younger brother Robinson ‘20, then back to Robinson ‘18 to score another layup. This ended the game with the Warriors conquering the Raiders, sending the Warriors to a well deserved playoffs game.

Find the Warriors at Vista Ridge High School on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.. Go Wood.