Varsity Boys’ Basketball Slays the Dragons 46-41

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  • Daniel Victor ’18 dunks during warmups.

  • Point Guard Patrick Sladek ’19, calls out the next play to his teammates.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 passes the ball to Luke Durham ’19.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 passes the ball across the court to an open teammate.

  • Brandon Parks ’20 shoots a layup.

  • Daniel Victor ’18 drives the ball into the basket.

  • Latham Robinson ’18 pushes through Round Rock defenders to score.

  • Patrick Sladek ’19 looks for an open offender to pass to.

  • The Warriors cheer from the sidelines as a teammate scores.

  • Christian Robinson ’20 reaches to get the ball into the basket.

  • Mason Flood ’19 approaches to dunk during warmup.

  • Jacob Hines ’18 protects the ball from a defender before starting the next play.

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Finalizing their victory over the Round Rock Dragons (6-4) in two close wins, the Warriors (5-5) validated their strength on Tues. Feb. 6. The Warriors are currently ranked number four in district, fighting their way for a spot in playoffs.

“The last Round Rock game was pretty similar to this game,” Daniel Victor ‘18 said. “The scores were almost identical. They shot a lot of threes so we had to close out on shooters. In both games, defense won us the game.”

To kick off the game, the Warriors won the jump ball but lost possession of the ball on a rebound. Immediately after, Victor caught the rebound from the Dragons, and charged down the court. The Dragons shot the first two twos of the game, until Victor shot the first layup 4:39 into the quarter. Seconds later, Luke Durham ‘19 shot the first three for the Warriors. In the last 18 seconds, the Dragons ran down the clock by passing the ball back and forth to preserve their lead, forcing the Warriors to finish down by two at the end of the first quarter, 10-8.

With driving intensity into the second quarter, the Warriors ran down the clock with passes between Patrick Sladek ‘19, Latham Robinson ‘18 and rebounds by Mason Flood ‘19. Three minutes into the quarter, the Warriors lost control of the ball on a drive towards the basket, but an immediate steal by Robinson ‘18 drove the ball back down the court for a strong layup, rallying the crowd louder. As the clock ran down to 3:36, Robinson ‘18 stole the ball back on another rebound and ran it down for another two, gaining a four point lead. With many free throw shots towards the end of the half, the Warriors ended the score with a three point lead at the half, 18-15.

During the half, T&C basketball kids were able to use the game balls to shoot around on the court, putting the crowd in awe.

Charging into the third quarter, the Dragons began with the ball. After regaining possession of the ball, the Warriors passed the ball around the court before Robinson ‘18 scored the first three in the half, mustering the crowd with excitement. In the final three minutes of the game, Levinson shot another three, regaining their lead ahead of the Dragons. To end the quarter, Victor shot a two, giving the Warriors a three point lead, 28-25.

Into the final quarter, Robinson ‘18 brought the score up by four due to a layup and two free throws. With many fouls on the Dragons, the Warriors were able to push further ahead with an eight point lead in the last three minutes of the game. Flood then grabbed the rebound and shoots a two as he was fouled, making the single free throw shot. As the Dragons crept up to the Warriors, Robinson ‘18 and Sladek drove the ball back to the Warriors possession many times to maintain their lead. Intensifying the crowd, a technical foul was called, allowing Robinson ‘18 to shoot two free throw shots, making one of the two. This won the Warriors the game, 46-41.

“Masons and one in the fourth quarter was my favorite part of the game,” Victor said. “We were up by three, and that was nice to put us up three more points. When Luke Latham and I were fouled we were able to make free throws to bring us up even more.”

Find the Warriors at their next game at Pflugerville High School at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 9.