Varsity Girls’ Basketball Defeats Klein and Moves to Third Round of Playoffs

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  • Annalise Gulliguez ’20 runs in the ball and looks for open players in the court.

  • Seniors Allyah Beaty and Meaghan Hendricks guard offensive Bearkat players to create a dangerous defense.

  • Makayla Coy ’19 jumps to shoot free throw for Warrior point.

  • Prepared on defense, Makayla Coy ’19 boxes out for rebound.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 shoots and makes her third free throw after two fouls.

  • McKenna Lindley ’18 successfully shoots layup without any defense.

  • McKenna Lindley ’18 strategically passes the Bearkat’s high pressure defense.

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After a vicious fight against the Klein Bearkats, the Lady Warriors took home another win on Friday, Feb. 16 and will advance to the third round of playoffs. The game was a close match and ended 54-43.

Each team faltered their lead the first quarter, going back and forth being on top. As the game kicked off, an intense atmosphere lingered around the gym. Every play would be critical to each team’s score. The Bearkats defense started rough, but the Warriors’ offense was too fierce to step down from their lead. Allyah Beaty ‘18 successfully drove for fouls and Annalise Galliguez ‘20 completed two layups one right after the other. The Warriors’ pressure picked up with help from Christie French ‘19 and stayed on a man-defense. At the end of the quarter, they kept the lead 13-11.

“It feels like a big responsibility to carry but I try to carry out the game plan as best I can,” Galliguez said. “I do what’s best for the team and I expect to give my all for each game we play.”

At the start of the second, the crowd’s cheers echoed making it difficult for players to hear on the court. This would prove to be a defining factor in the Warrior’s offense. Although the team’s plays on offense and defense wavered, they utilized free throws to keep up. Meaghan Hendricks ‘18 visibly blocked out the Bearkats’ student section and shot with no hesitations and completed the Warrior’s first three-pointer with four minutes remaining in the half (23-22). A minute later, Kenzie Beckham ‘21 came in with a three to tie the score 25-25 and build the Warriors’ energy. Excellent teamwork by Hendricks and Galliguez earned them two more points. With only a minute left, Beckham slid in for a layup and French stole the ball from the Bearkats for an easy score. This ended the half 31-27, the Warriors still triumphant.

“Knowing each game we play in these playoffs could be my very last high school game makes me play with more energy because I don’t want to stop playing,” Hendricks said. “We excelled by making smart plays and rebounding to get second shots.”

The Warriors assembled their defense in the third and worked strongly together. This quarter proved challenging as they finished down one point (41-40).

Immediately into the fourth quarter, a fight for the ball put several players on both teams to the ground resulting in a jump ball. Skill and communication came into their play as they helped one another score points and backed up missed shots. A highlight from the match consisted of Makayla Coy ‘19, McKenna Lindley ‘18, and Galliguez as they passed the ball in a criss-cross pattern down the court, avoiding all Bearkat defense and scored (44-39). Both teams made risky shots, all fumbling to earn quick points. Lindley remained present on defense at every play by running to rebound and hustling after rolling balls. The crowd continued to roar in encouragement and heightened the intensity. With the Bearkats continuous fouls, Beaty made three free throws in a row (51-41). With a minute remaining in the game, the Warriors maintained a quick offense and circled the ball around to keep out of reach of the Bearkats. Eight seconds left and Beckham found an open spot under the basket to finish the game 53-43.

“I expect a hard fighting game for the next round. We need to prepare defensively by working on taking away their offense,” Hendricks said.

The Lady Warriors will battle again for the state title against the Hendrickson Hawks on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at Hendrickson High School.