JV Orange Boys’ Soccer Ties Mavericks 0-0

Audrey Lemen, Index Manager

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  • The team huddles before the game during the golden hour.

  • Angel Sanchez ’19 keeps the ball from going out.

  • Indri Schaelicke ’19 kicks the ball to get it out of the way of a Maverick.

  • Tom Gentot ’20 runs past a Maverick with the ball.

  • Juan de Santos ’21 runs with the ball to try to score.

  • Angel Sanchez ’19 runs back in the game after he throws the ball in.

  • Juan de Santos ’21 determines his next move once the ball hits the ground.

  • John Mock ’20 throws the ball in to an open player.

  • Indri Schaelicke ’19 kicks a free kick to get the ball to the other half of the field.

  • Zach Siegel ’19 runs with the ball to keep it in bounds.

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On Friday, March 2, the JV orange boys’ soccer team went up against the McNeil Mavericks and tied 0-0. There were many attempts to score on the goal, but they never made it in.

To start off the first half, Juan de Santos ‘21 began the kickoff. Between plays there were many shots on goal. A Maverick player shot on goal, but luckily Luke Park ‘20 saved it and continued the game with a goal kick. Anthony Bibbo ‘20 helped Santos take a shot on goal but unfortunately missed. Multiple passes were made up and down the field trying to put the ball in the back of the net. John Mock ‘20 took a free kick and the Warriors tried their best to get in the goal; however they did not succeed. The Mavericks then took a free kick on Park, and he saved the kick.

Throughout the second half, there were many attempted shots, and the game became more intense. Santos, Indri Schaelicke ‘19, and Tom Gentot ‘20 were a few of the players who attempted to score. Heechan Kang ‘19 stayed close to the Maverick goal and took every chance he got to put one in. Niko Harris ‘20 was called offsides with less than 12 minutes left in the half and was given a yellow card. Even though the players had many chances to score, the final score of the game was 0-0.

I thought we performed really well. I think this is one of the best games all around, from start to finish, that we played in a long time,” JV Orange boys’ soccer coach Paul Thailing said. “I was very proud of the boys. It wasn’t the outcome that we wanted but again, sometimes that’s the way the game goes.”

See the boys play their next game against the Stony Point Tigers on Tuesday, March 6 at 6 p.m. at Stony Point High School. Go Wood.