Varsity Girls’ Soccer Secures Playoff Spot with 2-0 Win Against Raiders

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  • Madison Larrea ’19 pushes past Raider as they try to aggressively win back the ball.

  • Asha Samson ’18 fights Raider for the ball.

  • Sarah Frank ’18 stops the ball on defense and scans the field for open players.

  • Ella Concannon ’18 dribbles past a Raider to pass the ball.

  • Leah Zahm ’20 kicks the ball away from the Warrior goal on defense.

  • Hailey Martinez ’21 dribbles and looks down the field for an open spot.

  • Madison Larrea ’19 passes the ball to Asha Samson ’18.

  • Leah Martinez ’19 attacks the ball on defense.

  • Ella Concannon ’18 stops the ball from getting in the Raider’s possession.

  • Deepti Choudhury ’21 stops the ball from going out-of-bounds as a Raider defender pushes forward.

  • Christina Stephenson ’18 steals the ball from a Raider and looks for an open player.

  • Leah Zahm ’20 throws the ball in bounds.

  • Leah Martinez ’19 approaches the ball for a strong kick.

  • Christina Stephenson ’18 reaches the ball before the Raider defender to keep the ball in Warrior possession.

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The varsity girls’ soccer team locked up the Cedar Ridge Raiders on March 23, making them the only team to beat every other school in the district. With a final score of 2-0, the Lady Warriors secured their spot in playoffs and are ready to trample any competition that stands in their way.

Only 34 seconds into the game, Christina Stephenson ‘18 scored the first goal of the match, eliciting loud cheers from the players on the field as they all ran to embrace the senior (1-0). Their defense started strong as no Raider was able to get close to the goal. Madison Larrea ‘19 attacked the ball on offense and drew fouls on two occasions. Stephenson remained diligent on offense, able to push the ball forward and look for open players. Ella Concannon ‘18 interfered with several Raider passes, preventing them from going past the 50-yard line. Claire Gottardi ‘18 and Asha Samson ‘18 demonstrated skilled teamwork as they passed back-and-forth down the field, avoiding the Raider defense. To protect the goal, Sarah Frank ‘18 interjected in the Raider offense and pushed past players as no one was able to stop her with 25 minutes remaining in the half. Players on both teams were knocked down constantly during the rigorous battle for supremacy. Goalie Madison Broadbent ‘21 saved an attempted shot by the Raiders and secured the Lady Warriors’ lead of 1-0 at the end of the first half.

“I think we played well even though there were time we lost our rhythm with simple passes, but overall we all had the same goal in mind of how we wanted to play,” Ally Dotson ’18 said. “The best part other than scoring, was seeing how well we’re able to move off the ball.”

To start the second half, several Lady Warriors attempted to score on goal but none were successful. This however encouraged their high momentum to continue for the rest of the game, determination littered at their feet. Both a yellow and red card were issued against the Raiders, giving the Warriors the encouragement to pursue on. The Raiders put up a solid defense, but they were no match for Deepti Choudhury ‘21 who scored the Warriors’ second goal of the night (2-0). Samson aggressively dribbled the ball down the field, her strong-will pushing her past defenders in her way. Choudhury showed skill on defense and warded off the Raiders’ offense. Broadbent saved five attempted shots at this point and made it possible for the Warriors to keep their winning score of 2-0 at the end of the game.

“We did a good job of keeping composed when the other team started playing scrappy,” Concannon said. “Coach Framjee said he was proud of us for finishing district strong and securing a playoff spot. We’re all excited for next week.”

Join the Lady Warriors for their first playoff game on March 29 as they take on the San Marcos Rattlesnakes at the Warrior bowl. Go Wood.