Varsity Softball Demolishes Mavericks 11-0

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The Lady Warriors are now 1-1 for districts after defeating the McNeil Mavericks 11-0 on Friday, March 9. Students and parents were left overwhelmed by the team’s performance that night. Their defense remained impenetrable and the final run of the night was a home run by Haley Popelka ’18.

Starting in the field, catcher Gabby Garcia ’19 made the first out with a throw down to first. Haley Popelka followed, throwing a strike out. Although one Maverick hit a single, their attempt to steal second was shortly met with a tag out by shortstop Alyssa Popelka ’19. Now coming out to hit, Alyssa Popelka was out at first after hitting the ball straight toward the base. Haley Popelka walked and a single by Garcia advanced her to second. Eileigh White ’21 was tagged out at first. However, White’s hit advanced everyone a base. Haley Popelka then successfully stole home. Natalie O’Connor ’20 walked and stole two because of a sacrifice bunt by Chelsea Terranova ’19, and Garcia stole home, ending the first inning 2-0.

“We’ve had a rough beginning but the season should be interesting and I hope everyone will see it because we’re going to be great,” Alex Reece ‘18 said.

The Mavericks hitting time in the second inning was short. Two thrown strikeouts by Haley Popelka and a tag out at first by White were a quick transition into the bottom of the inning. Lizzie Taylor ’18 hit a single and following batter Haily Lozano ’19 walked. Quincy Jones ’21 advanced everyone a base but was out at first. Alyssa Popelka successfully hit a single but at the expense of Taylor, who was tagged out at home. Unfortunately for the Lady Warriors, the Mavericks made the third out catching a pop fly and their score wouldn’t advance.

The Lady Warriors remained strong defensively in the third inning, starting with another thrown strike out by Haley Popelka. The second batter was thrown out at first. Although the next batter was walked and another made it to first, O’Connor finished their field time with an out at first. Up to bat, Lady Warrior fans were upset by a questionable pitch call that struck Garcia out. However, their moods picked up once White hit a triple and was brought home by O’Connor’s line drive. Terranova’s hit after was caught in the air by the Maverick’s second baseman, who in addition threw O’Connor out at first. The third inning ended 3-0.

“We’re on a roll. We’re doing our best and we’re going to keep winning,” Jones said.

Entering the fourth inning, the Mavericks were three up and three down, but neither team scored. Taylor was walked and advanced by a bunt from Lozano. However, Lozano couldn’t out run the play and was out at first. Alyssa Popelka landed a successful bunt and advanced Taylor to third. Taylor came home and Haley Popelka’s double brought Alyssa Popelka home as well.  Their final at bat was a strike out by Garcia, ending the inning 5-0.

The Mavericks had yet to make it on base in the last inning. However, the Lady Warriors’ all-around strong performance through the night picked up as they were able to rack up six more runs. White hit a single but was out following O’Connor’s single. Terranova made it to first and Taylor’s single brought O’Connor home in addition to advancing Terranova. Lozano then struck out. With the pressure of two outs, Jones hit a double and brought Terranova home. The Mavericks attempted to throw out Alyssa Popelka, however their overthrow allowed her a triple. The final hit was an over the fence homerun by Haley Popelka, ending the night at 11-0.

“That was my first homerun of the season which always feels great. I didn’t think I was doing well so it’s, like, a boost of confidence,” Haley Popelka said. “We know we can do it now so we’re all going to do great.”

Join the Lady Warriors as they taken on the Stony Point Tigers on Monday, March 12 at 7 p.m. at home. Go Wood.