GALLERY: Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse Celebrate Senior Night, Fall to McNeil

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  • Hannah Bombach ’18 runs with the ball.

  • Emma Monreal ’20 runs with the ball.

  • Goalie Catherine Wiesehuegel ’19 looks for an open teammate to throw the ball to.

  • Goalie Catherine Wiesehuegel ’19 catches the ball thrown by McNeil.

  • Ava Hsu ’19 scoops up the ball before a McNeil player can.

  • Olivia Green ’18 runs down the field with the ball.

  • Grace Healy ’19 prepares to throw the ball to a teammate.

  • Jane Mortiz ’18 catches the ball.

  • Emily Huttenhower ’18 runs through while her teammates holds sticks up.

  • Parthavi Matalia ’18 hugs her coach.

  • Ivy Grossberg ’18 hugs her coach.

  • Olivia Green ’18 accepts flowers from Coach Kathryn Hoyte

  • Thyra Funderburk ’18 recives flowers from her coach.

  • Emma Bontempo ’18 receives flowers from her coach.

  • Stephanie Shih ’20 and a McNeil player get into position.

  • Catherine Wiesehuegel ’19 clears the ball down the field.

  • Anna Hagan ’18 blocks the ball from a McNeil player.

  • Ina Myllykoski ’20 chases the ball.

  • Sofia Larson ’20 blocks a McNeil player from shooting the ball.

  • Anna Hagan ’20 runs to catch the ball.

  • Stephanie Shih ’20 and a McNeil players draw the ball after the whistle is blown.

  • Stephanie Shih ’20 runs after the ball.

  • Olivia Green ’18 runs with the ball.

  • Olivia Green ’18 gets flowers for Senior Night and hugs the couch.

  • Thyra Funderburk ’18 hugs the coach.

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