New Echosmith Single ‘Over My Head’ Falls Flat from Previous Success


The sibling trio comprising the indie-pop band Echosmith dropped a new single entitled Over My Head on March 16. The group is best known for their 2013 song Cool Kids, which was certified double platinum, having garnered 1,200,000 sales in the US alone, and reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The siblings formed their music group in 2009.

At first listen, Over My Head is a catchy, techno-inspired rock tune perfect for background music for a party or for dancing. However, upon second listen, the lyrics and chorus become repetitive and nagging. The tune is pleasant and works well with the synthesizer embellishments throughout, although toward the end of the song, they become overpowering due to how often the riff has been used without variation.

The music video contained no clear narrative and unintentionally comes across as an odd conglomeration of shots and undeveloped storylines that leave the viewers with mixed messages about nearly everything except the video’s mid-century-modern aesthetic. Beyond these small criticisms, however, the band’s new single captures the frustrations that come with being invested in another person who feels out of one’s reach in a freshly original, downtempo pop take on the subject matter. The lyrics (although interspersed between a somewhat underwhelming chorus) are subtle and to the point, managing to feel both personal and universal in the emotions they carry. It is also worth remembering that this single is only the second release of the band’s after their debut album.    

Although Over My Head could benefit from some small tweaks and improvements, it’s an impressive next step for a music group so young, and provides an exciting taste for their sophomore album, Inside a Dream, to follow.