Sexual Assault Awareness Month: The Beginning

Speaking out for our rights never gets easier. Some can argue otherwise, but when you think about it, it’s only because these conversations have been drawn out for years with no improvement. The only difference between the past and now is that, as of recently, people have been banding together to see that those who did wrong are actually punished for their actions.

With that comes Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The entire month of April is dedicated to raising the awareness needed to teach the prevention of sexual violence to the public. The National Sexual Violence Research Center (NSVRC) is responsible for providing information beneficial towards survivors and their related friends and family. They have a donation page as well as listings for advocates and educators plus a continually updated list of related stories and stats.

In the wake of the ‘Me Too’ movement in Hollywood, along with a few close to home situations, it is safe to say that students, parents, and educators need to build a sense of confidence to be able to discuss such events; and that is exactly what Westwood Student Press is trying to accomplish.

During this month, multiple articles, open letters, and opinion pieces will be posted relating to sexual assault in the hopes that we can make it known among the student body that this is an issue that affects all of us.

Upon having a passionate discussion in class, we’ve come to realize many people have sexual assault stories that cover a huge range of seriousness. Please know that you are never alone, and if you feel as though you have something to contribute regarding this topic, please reach out to Student Press. Even if you don’t have a personal story,  you should know the signs of abuse or the crossing of boundaries. We also understand that there are at least two sides to every story; please feel free to share any perspective, including the problem of being falsely accused.

Related articles will be posted in the upcoming weeks so stay with us to read up on the subject and to hear stories.