Varsity Tennis Ties Against Lake Travis

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Varsity tennis went up against their well matched rivals, Lake Travis, on Sept. 5, but after hours of playing, the game had to be cancelled because of lightning. Despite this setback the team still has high hopes for this year.

“I think this year we have the best team that we’ve had in a while we’re definitely going to make it to regionals this year and maybe even state so I’m really excited to see how it goes,” Sidh Pandit ‘21 said.

All eyes were on the first line boys Gaurav Singh ’20 and Ishan Dhanani ‘19, who won their first set 6-2, lost the second set 1-6, then they played a tie breaker and brought it back to win 10-4.

“We played well, we had a rough patch in the second set, but overall we got the job done, we had some stupid shots in there but we did pretty well,” Singh said.

Despite losing some of their matches, the team kept their hopes up and cheered for their teammates from the sidelines. Michelle Duan ‘19 and Sofie Kardonik ‘19 tried their best but they lost their set 4-3.

“We fought well but we should’ve strategized from the beginning and thought about it a little more,” Duan said.

The two played a long match, but couldn’t overcome their opponents.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have gone for risky shots but sometimes when you think it’s necessary it’s a good risk to take,” Kardonik said.

Teammates high fived as yells of ‘Go Wood’ echoed through the courts. The team played through the heat of the Texas sun and downed many water bottles, but then the rain cut them short. The game got cancelled while the two rivals were tied due to lightning.

The team will take on the McNeil Mavericks on Sept. 11.