5 Halloween Pranks to Play on your Friends

Along with dressing up and  trick or treating, Halloween is one of the most epic times of the year to pull pranks on people. It’s the only time of the year where you can scare people and not get in trouble for it. Here are five pranks you can easily pull on anyone.

  1. Possessed Stuffed Animal 

Use scissors to cut open the back of the bear along the seams. Step inside the bear and wait for you friend to walk in the door. Make small movements and change positions each time your friend looks away. After your prank you can stitch the bear back up.

  1. Candied Onion

If you really want to disappoint your friends take the classic candied apple recipe and replace the apple with an onion. This may leave your friend in tears! Make sure you have a backup candy apple to make it up to them afterwards.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker Haunted Voices

Connect a wireless speaker to your phone. Hide the speaker in your friend’s room while they’re sleeping. Go outside the room and use a voice changing app to talk or sing into your phone. This works very well and will leave your friends sleeping with one eye open for many nights.

  1. Spooky Text Replacement

Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Text Replacement and replace common words with spookier words or phrases. This will really annoy them while they type anything on their phone and it works even better if they don’t know how to fix it!

  1. Clown Wall

Buy a clown door cover and tape it to your friends door while their door is closed. You can buy a door cover at any Halloween store or online. The door covers come with instruction on how to put it on your door. This is a quick and easy scare for you to do on anyone.