JV Girls’ Basketball Wins Against Rouse 66-48

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  • Rylee Crider ’21 dribbles the ball.

  • Peyton Halley ’21 dribbles the ball across the court.

  • Emma Zion ’21 scores a basket during the first quarter.

  • Peyton Halley ’21 and Rouse players fight for the ball.

  • Riley Hammock ’20 keeps possession of the ball and looks to see who is open.

  • Desi Davalos ’22 runs the ball up the court in an attempt to score.

  • Anisha Chintala ’21 shoots the ball and scores.

  • Christie French ’19 makes a pass to teammate while an opposing player attempts to block the pass.

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In a game against Rouse, the Lady Warriors won at home with a score of 66-48 on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

“I thought the game went really well, we did really well on offense and defense ” Izzy Brown ‘22 said. “And those were the things we worked on in practice, so I think we executed it really well.”

Rylee Crider ‘21 and Serena Baruah ‘21 scored three three-pointers in first quarter. The Lady Warriors took the lead, making the score 22-12, and in the last 30 seconds Elizabeth Joyner ’22 scored two more points making the final score 24-12.

“We should’ve won by more,” Emma Zion ‘21 said. “We did better than last game though, so we are improving for the season. I thought I did okay, but I definitely could have rebounded better and finished my shot.”

During the second quarter, the Lady Warriors kept their lead, scoring 17 more points. Desi Davalos ‘22 scored five points in total. Their large lead in the first half kept the team hopeful for a win.

“Our ball handlers did a great job and we had a lot of three-point shots,” Zion said. “My ball handling could get better and I can shoot more because you don’t make the shots you don’t shoot.”

The Rouse team never got close to the Lady Warriors. Baruah and Jaslyn Williams ‘20 scored the most points in the game, both players scoring 12 points each. Peyton Halley ‘21 scored the most points in the last quarter, with eight out of the 11 total points scored.

The Lady Warriors will play again on Tuesday, Nov. 20 on their home court against Stony Point.