How to Survive Finals

How to Survive Finals

Seeing the horde of students dying over the weight of the textbooks in their bags, you can tell that finals season is upon us. Here are five tips to help you, somewhat, prepare for the upcoming four days of stress.

Look at Previous Reviews
While most people may have thrown away any papers that their teacher gave them, teachers usually have digital copies of reviews on their calendar that you can use. Final exams are supposed to be a representation of what you learned through the semester, and the reviews for each test can be the best way to remember. If you still have time, try and work on some of the problems from each review, but if you don’t, at least read over the problems to see what kind of questions and topics will be on the test.

Have a Moment to Relax
Finals week is stressful, but being too stressed will make you unable to answer the questions with the correct mindset. Take out a few minutes each day and do what you love. Do some meditation, listen to some music that you like, or just watch some TV. Just make sure to take a break from the hectic school life and recharge yourself. Feeling relaxed before a test can help you feel confident in your answers, and prevents potentially incorrect second-guessing. Plus it preserves your mental health, something that is way too often overlooked during this point in the year.

Take Short Breaks
Your brain can’t handle cramming material for five hours, even if you do it often. As teachers say, cramming doesn’t help you comprehend everything, especially for those explanation questions. Make sure to take small breaks in between topics to give your brains a rest and to ensure you comprehend what you’ve been cramming for the past few hours. However, make sure to not let those small breaks turn into hours.

Have Group Sessions
While in class you and your friends may be a recipe for disaster, getting together for study sessions can really help. Each of you can take one specific unit and quiz each other on it, although everyone still needs to at the very least glance at the other subjects they didn’t quiz the others. Study sessions with friends are also really fun, and it makes the time pass by quickly, although that may be a detriment for those with a schedule to keep. Multiple minds are always better than one to tackle a large test such as the finals.

Stay Healthy
While all of us survive on Red Bull and caffeine, eating healthy foods and staying hydrated helps your brain and body stay strong. Get enough sleep and make sure to eat nutritious meals before your finals. You won’t be able to concentrate if you’re hungry or tired. You should also try and get some exercise, even if it’s just walking around your neighborhood because it relieves anxiety and stimulates your brain. Finally, make sure to stay mentally healthy as well, with positive thinking and emotional pick-me-ups.

While you may be stressed for finals, remind yourself that this is mainly just testing anxiety, and you’re much more prepared to ace those finals than you think. Keep working hard because all of you will do great. Good luck with your exams, Warriors!