‘Isn’t It Romantic’ Redefines Romantic Comedies


Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

‘Isn’t It Romantic’ redefines the romantic comedy genre through clever characters and an engaging story.

Move over 27 Dresses, there’s a new romantic comedy in New York City. Everyone’s heard of the ideal romance: a guy and girl fall in love at first sight, but sometimes the guy is set to marry another girl, so the main character must go and stop the wedding for true love to triumph. Happily ever after. But not for the main character Natalie of Isn’t It Romantic.

The movie opens to meet Natalie, played by the witty Rebel Wilson, an aspiring architect who hardly gets noticed at her firm and has always been taught by her mother that life isn’t anywhere near as perfect as a romantic comedy. However, after being knocked unconscious as a result of a mugging in the subway, she is transported into a world of flowers, sunshine, love, and life through a rose-colored lens. Natalie later figures out that she’s been transformed into her worst nightmare: the main character in a romantic comedy. Along the way come the usual culprits of traditional romantic comedies, with Natalie falling for the ever-handsome Blake, portrayed by Liam Hemsworth. The gorgeous Isabella, played by Priyanka Chopra, who falls in love and gets engaged to Natalie’s best friend Josh, portrayed by Adam Devine, are also heavily featured throughout the film. In order to get out of the movie, Natalie must figure out how to fall in love with the right person, although the end result sets the story apart from the traditional Hollywood clichés.

Although the movie includes many clichés often associated with older romantic comedies, Isn’t It Romantic offers its own twists and turns which help it stand out from the crowd. Throughout the movie, Rebel Wilson does a perfect job of portraying the struggles of finding love while still having fun and cracking one-liners as she travels on the path to self-love and self-discovery. In addition to Natalie’s persona, all of the characters are well thought out in their many different personalities, which are developed as a way of satirizing underdeveloped characters in older romantic comedies. The movie includes scenarios that many can relate to when it comes to finding love and finding your place. Its themes paired with endless jokes that will make you tear up from laughing so hard make the film a refreshing change of pace for the romantic comedy genre.

While dazzling in all of its cliches, the wardrobes as well as the scenery of the movie are nothing short of radiant. The sun is always shining on the characters’ bright wardrobes that pair perfectly with the increased color saturation of a large portion of the movie. Each character’s wardrobe reflects their personalities and add to the depth of their roles. Even though the setting bends towards the traditional New York City movies, the unglamorous and very real part of the city is showcased, adding a touch of reality to an otherwise idealistic film.

Isn’t It Romantic is the perfect feel-good movie for anyone open to new ideas of what modern romantic comedies should be like. Showcasing hilarious actors, beautiful scenery, and lots of love, this movie is a must-watch for all. It’s a movie many can relate to, making it a fun and quirky rom-com that breaks the traditional boundaries of the genre.