Angel Donuts and Treats Serves Delectable Delights

Mary Miller, Executive Editor

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Since opening its doors in 2012, Angel Donuts and Treats has been dedicated to serving delicious donuts, cake balls, coffee, and more at their location in “the Trails at 620” shopping center. The restaurant has one other location, a food truck on 620, and is dedicated to preserving the local culture of Austin through their unique design and creative flavors.

Customers approaching the shop are greeted by a large, inflatable donut and a chalkboard detailing some of the most popular menu items. Once inside, the restaurant is divided into three sections, the front counter, a seating area, and a back room with games and space to relax. The counter boasts an expansive menu overhead, along with shelves of donuts against the back wall that serve as both a convenience to customers who would like to visualize their order as well as a form of decoration. The seating area is situated in a tighter hallway shape, with wooden tables and chairs lined up against the left wall. Lastly, the back area of the restaurant opens up slightly, and features a couch, coffee table, and bookshelf stacked with various board games and books. The three sections are tied together through the uniform gray walls, decorated with artwork from local artists as well as a long, white wall decal containing various donut-related sayings. Lighting is provided in the form of hanging lamps, and is supplemented by the large windows on either side of the restaurant. On a sunny day this is plenty, however poor weather makes the space very dim.

When I arrived there was a short line, but it moved quickly and I was able to order just a minute or two after walking in the door. Having all of the donuts and cake pops laid out in front of me made deciding what to try much easier, and the staff were more than willing to recommend their favorite flavors. I ended up buying a mango bubble tea, vanilla confetti cake ball, red velvet cake ball, iced french vanilla latte, potato, egg, and cheese taco, and a chocolate sprinkle donut. The most expensive item was the bubble tea at $4, a very reasonable price compared to many other chains.

I first sampled the chocolate sprinkle donut, which was a little lackluster despite being one of the more well-known items on the menu. The cake itself was on the drier side, but the icing was smooth and tasty, resulting in a mediocre experience that wouldn’t be worth making a trip for on its own. However, Angel Donuts’ cake balls were much more impressive. The vanilla confetti cake ball had a hard icing shell that perfectly suited the moist cake on the inside, and the flavor of the red velvet was outstanding. Both were well decorated while still simplistic, with neat lines of colored icing running across the white base, and are great options for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The potato, egg, and cheese taco was a hit as well, full of delightful flavors that blended together into a delicious, well-balanced taco that would be a great pick-me-up when you need a quick breakfast. The potato to egg ratio worked very well, allowing both flavors to shine in every bite.

I had the highest hopes for the mango bubble tea prior to trying all of the items, but was let down by the lack of flavor and odd texture of the drink. The mango itself was barely distinguishable from any other fruity flavoring, and the pearls of boba at the bottom had almost no taste at all. Even the texture of the drink, which was somewhere in between a smoothie and a tea, was slightly off putting. As heavily advertised as this item was, I do not believe that it lived up to the hype and probably would not reorder it anytime soon.

The final item that I tried, which was also my personal favorite, was the iced french vanilla latte. Fans of sweet coffee will love this drink, as its powerful flavor is packed into every sip. One thing to note is that it only comes in one size, which is the equivalent of a medium or grande at most coffee shops. As a whole, the drink is the perfect grab-and-go drink to wake you up in the morning and I would highly recommend picking one up.

Angel Donuts has created a modern, welcoming environment that is suitable for both pick-up orders and longer visits, and would be a great place to go to work or study if you are wanting to get out of the house for a few hours. While many of their options were hit-or-miss for me, their extensive menu guarantees that there will be something for everyone. With their fun decor, quick service, and tasty pastries, Angel Donuts is a good place to go with family or friends if you are craving a sweet treat.

Overall Rating: three out of five stars

Angel Donuts and Treats

8300 North FM 620 Suite 200 | Austin, Texas

(512) 330-4825


Friday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Sunday – Thursday 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.