Students Light Up the Dance Floor at Prom

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  • Isabella Barber ’19 and Paige Castillo ’20 show off their stunning outfits.

  • Slices of cake wait to be claimed by hungry teenage prom-goers.

  • Delicately detailed art and brightly colored decorations set the tone for the dance.

  • The dance floor was illuminated with bright neon colors.

  • Artistically intricate lights graced the ceiling.

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Centered around the theme of a “Night of a Thousand Lights”, Prom was held at the Oasis on Saturday, April 13 at 8 p.m. The venue was decorated with hundreds of twinkling lights, simulating the night sky, creating a mystical mood for the night. Besides the roaring music and glittering lights,  the event offered various delicacies for the students to enjoy, from cheesecakes to a chocolate fountain with fruits to dip in.

“I went to Prom last year so I knew pretty much what to expect, but it was still cool,” Colton Roberts ‘19 said. “Like the whole idea of dressing up, getting ready with the homies, taking some nice pictures, and hanging out after is just fun. Also this time around I made sure to save some room at dinner for the desserts at Prom and that was a good move.”

The junior class spent months leading up to Prom preparing and raising money for the event through fundraisers, such as selling reserved parking spots and hosting the annual junior Prom fundraiser, the Souper Bowl. Their hardwork and dedication paid off when they sold over 800 tickets, generating a profit of over $3,000 to put to use next year for the 2020 senior gift.

“Generally ticket sales will pay for the majority of Prom,” Student Council (StuCo) Junior Class President, Alice Zhang ‘20 said. “The most difficult part about prom is reconciling the vision you have for it with realistic constraints like a budget.”

Students were also provided with a multitude of entertainment including a chance to play various card games such as poker with imaginary money, and dancing away on the dance floor. The dance also offered students the chance to get their pictures professionally taken in front of a galaxy themed backdrop.

“My favorite part about Prom was getting to see my classmates enjoy themselves at an event that I had played a major role in putting together,” Zhang said.

Finally, as the night drew to a close, Prom King and Queen were announced to be Jake Imperial ‘19 and Sophia Norton ‘19. Prom attendees voted for their royalty throughout the night at a booth where sophomore StuCo members diligently collected the ballots.

“I was a little bit shocked, “ Norton said. “I never thought that I would be someone who could win something like Prom Queen and I never thought people would vote for me too, so it’s all just surprising.”