Sweet Lemon Inn & Kitchen Serves Organic Dishes with a Texan Flair

Keana Saberi, Editor in Chief

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  • Sweet Lemon’s homemade classic Southern lemonade.

  • Sweet Lemon’s mug, one of the cafe’s merchandise.

  • The restaurant’s steak salad served in a Texas sized portion.

  • The cafe’s A+ BLT sandwich and their Sweet Lemon House salad.

  • The green exterior of the inn makes the cafe instantly recognizable and distinct.

  • A sign points to the restaurant where customers can wait in line.

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Located on Church Street in the heart of the historic Georgetown downtown district, Sweet Lemon Inn & Kitchen provides a cozy and quaint atmosphere unparalleled in this southern city. A local organic restaurant that was previously an inn, this cafe is part of Georgetown’s small town charm. The space has now been transformed into an event center for small groups. The business is owned by Chef Rachel Cummins, who was inspired by healthy cooking when she founded the inn in 2014. Serving up simple and home-style recipes, the cafe has many local businesses such as the New World Bakery and the Honey Chef providing them fresh ingredients.

When approaching the restaurant, the lime green exterior walls catches your eye as you get in line at the back of the building. Leading up to the door, a yellow brick pathway is outlined on the ground, adding a quirky and cute appearance to the outside. The outdoor seating area is dotted with small white tables and rustic picnic tables. As you enter the building, the vintage interior gives you a cozy feeling. Local pastel-colored art hangs on the walls, and floral tea sets are perched in a cabinet. The counter is decorated with chalk signs, and baked goods sit ornate on tiny pastry stands. On one wall, near the cream colored tables, the shop’s merchandise, such as mugs and shirts, are displayed. The air is perfumed with the smell of sweet lemons, a nod to the overall feel of the business. Friendly waitstaff greet you with Southern hospitality and beckon you to find a seat.

Whenever I visit, the first item on the menu I order is the fresh-squeezed lemonade. A glass of this sugary sweet delight is the perfect treat for a hot Texas day. If sweet drinks are not to your liking, try ordering a piping hot cup of rich coffee to satisfy your thirst. They also have a large variety of teas as well as milky cream lattes. If you are a chocolate person, give the Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa a taste. Depending on what you prefer, there is an option for everyone.

Though I haven’t tried every item on the menu, my first choice for a great lunchtime meal would be the the Better Half, a combo of a sandwich and salad of your pick. My go-to is their A+ BLT sandwich and their Sweet Lemon House salad. The BLT, while seemingly plain, adds a whole new meaning to the classic sandwich. With thick toasted sourdough bread lined with creamy garlic aioli and topped with large chunks of tomato and crispy bacon, this dish will leave your mouth watering. Leaves of lettuce add a perfect crunch to contrast the plump tomatoes and the saltiness of the bacon. The avocado adds another smooth and decadent taste to the elevate the flavor profile.

My next pick would have to be the Sweet Lemon House salad. The salad is topped with fresh strawberries and caramelized pecans, which provide earthy undertones. Velvety goat cheese is sprinkled on the farm lettuce and greens which gives a dynamic flavor profile. The salad has a primarily sweet taste, yet is blended with the bold and dark flavor of the pecans. This is a fantastic choice for a light and refreshing meal. The salad is paired with sesame seed crackers and there are several sauce choices. I would recommend the lemon vinaigrette which is tangy and acidic and perfectly counteracts the sweet flavor of the strawberries. You can even add crispy chicken if you want a protein option to make this meal more filling.

The last of my top three picks would have to be the steak salad. The plentiful salad is a large portion of leafy greens and avocado. Grilled skirt steak is mixed in with ripe cherry tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers. Shredded cheddar cheese is sprinkled on the heap and is paired with a lemony sauce. This is a great nourishing meal that is also irresistibly tasty.  

Besides delicious salads and sandwiches, Sweet Lemon has many decadent and buttery desserts that will make you want to order every treat on the menu. The lemon thumbprint cookies are flaky and rich in texture, citrusy, and the ideal comfort food to snack on. Besides this dessert, the bakery has Coconut Cream Pie Bars, Lemon Bars, and Mississippi Mud Pie Bars which are tantalizingly displayed on the counter. The overall prices are relatively low, especially considering that the portions are plentiful. Though the welcoming, little, cafe is approximately 30 minutes away from central Austin, the calm and relaxing ambience is worth the trip. In addition, the affordability is perfect for small or medium lunch gatherings.

This cafe, layered with years of history in Georgetown, poses the ultimate food spot for locals and tourists alike. The charming interior is picturesque and dreamy. You will feel right at home in this hospitable environment. The blend of healthy food and flavorful simplicity makes the Inn a restaurant that will leave you wanting to go back for more.

Overall rating: four out of five stars

Sweet Lemon Inn & Kitchen

812 S Church St, Georgetown, TX 78626

Tuesday- Saturday 7:00 am – 2:30 pm