The U.S. Needs to Address Its Radicalization

Letter to the Editor

Extremism is tearing this nation apart.

Almost 56 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech. A speech that would become engraved into the soul of this nation. The words Dr. King spoke have all but been forgotten. Dr. King spoke of equality, of coming together, and of ending racial hatred and strife. It is with great sadness that his inspirational words no longer echo throughout our halls. Both the political left and political right have fought brutal, scorched earth wars in the media deeply dividing the United States. Members of the Democratic Party have been spotted making anti-semitic statements at a last, desperate hope for reelection, while members of the GOP have been screaming just as loudly, just as badly and for just as long. There is no longer a truly centrist source of media, as political games overshadow the health of the nation. The economy is used as a weapon and a shield, and our interests are no longer being acknowledged by our leaders. It is time, that we, as residents and citizens of the United States, combat the hate that has been festering with our nation.

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